Time: 1:33 am.

Place: My place.

Why am I up?– Adrenaline rush! (or at least the mental one leftover from this evening!)

Let me say, flying with the Thunderbirds was the most incredible experience a person can have.  Granted, I haven’t given birth…but I’m sure this experience is right on up there.

Never once did I feel un-safe, let’s say that right away.  From the moment I got to the Charles Wheeler Downtown Airport, about two dozen Air Force officials were there to brief me…give me a medical exam…just make me feel prepared for what was to come.

After donning what I’m told is the smallest flight suit owned by the Air Force (apparently, the ideal weight is at least 140 lbs, but they liked how I was real smal– less chance of “loosing the cookies” in-flight) I’ll admit it– as soon as I zipped up the front of that thing…I felt like such a rockstar!

Fantasies began in my head…

A sitcom… “Dion Lim, Anchor and Reporter by Day…Fiesty Air Force Flier by Night!”

Back here on Earth– I realize after my briefing, it was already 4:30pm!  The 5pm and 6pm producer had wanted small preview pieces, along with some promo shots.  But I was busy learning about G-Forces! How am I going to make this happen?

The combination of nerves and bubbling thrill propelled me to shoot some quick, quick vignettes of my journey so far.  Gotta give some “mad props” to my photographer Jeff Roberts today.  That man hustled like nobody’s business.  He shot about 4 pieces for me in a span on 6 minutes, ran a mile and a half back to our live truck, satellite fed the video back to the station after editing them.  THEN ran back to get my taking off!

Wow, I think the “mental adrenaline” has just worn off.  Like a ton of bricks, I feel like passing out on the bed.  Okay, part deux of my day with the Thunderbirds will have to continue another day.

In about 4 hours I need to be back awake, packing, getting ready for my day off to Chicago! Boy oh boy…I bet the American Airlines flight will PALE in comparison to an F-16.

Cheers and Up, Up and Away,



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