Dry Cleaning Debacle

Happy Labor Day Everybody! (Hopefully not too many of you are laboring…however, the news never stops, and with Gustav churning and wreaking havoc in the Gulf, I can tell you a whole lot of journalists, myself included are working today.) (My thoughts are with all of the residents in the Gulf Coast.)

You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round

You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round

Speaking of work– I wear a suit to work everyday, and over the weekend, sent a big batch to the dry cleaners.  Along with it, I tossed in a button-up shirt, I never dry cleaned before.  Until now, I always washed and ironed button-ups myself.  Niagara starch and all.

So, I asked the nice young man “how much to dry clean a shirt?”  and he said $1.99, which, according to J.Flink, is about right.  When I brought my freshly-cleaned bounty home later that night, saw on the reciept they had charged me $6.95!  (The shirt didn’t cost more than $15!)

J.Flink says it’s because the shirt is made of linen, and those cost more to clean.  But still!  When I pointed to the shirt, and asked how much it would cost, the young man said $1.99!

Nit picky? Not? I’m going to call tomorrow and see if they can adjust this price for me.

Cheers & Celebrations,  



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