I Just Lowballed J. Flink! (NOT on purpose.) My 101 on Giving.


Jimmy boy’s part of this fundraiser to further cancer research.  All week, he’s been joking with me to vote for him and donate– so today I gave him 3-dollars.

I make it rain. (Apparently, just sprinkles, not thundershowers.)

I make it rain. (Apparently, just sprinkles, not thundershowers.)

Well I didn’t know what kind of money the other folks were donating, so apparently, the lowest denomination is 20-dollars.  Well shoot, don’t I look like a cheapie!  I thought this was on the scale of a Girl-Scouts cookie sale, or spare change drive. 

As funny as this is, (Jim, our Internet Person and I actually had quite a chuckle over this) donations to charitable organizations can be a personal subject.  Apparently one of my co-workers donated 50-dollars.  Does this mean I need to out-give this person? Is this like keeping up with the Joneses– Oprah Donation Style?

 Giving is a personal thing- and what happened today reminded me of a Katrina survivor I interviewed last week:

“I want to let people know what you do matters.  If you carry clothes or towels, and don’t think it makes a difference.  Yes.  It does. It makes all the difference in the world. Give.  It makes a difference to those devastated. Those little things you do in the midst of disaster mean everything.  I encourage to give, no matter how small, it makes a difference.”




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