The 9-Dollar Milk + Sony Success

When I was growing up, one of my name nicknames was “Dion Lim of Action”.  I think it’s a line from a song, and apparently, I was a very determined child.  Afterall, as a 7-year-old, got my father to quit smoking by using cut up pieces of paper that said “smoking kills, Daddy!”

My action skills paid off with Sony.

Many of you remember: a few months ago, I had the worst customer service experience of my life with Sony.  A broken laptop resulted in HOURS of my life, ruined from talking with un-knowledgable CSR’s (Customer Service Reps) who were not only rude, but wrongly charged me hundreds of dollars for repairs.

Long story short, after emails and phone calls and persistence…I got a call from a Sony rep in California who not only apologized PROFUSELY (and quite politely) and sent me a rebate check that arrived today!


Sometimes it’s hard to forgive and forget.  Surely, a BFRC (Big Fat Rebate Check) helps…but moreso, it was the sincerity of the apology.  Apologizing it’s easy, but when it’s done right, with actions that back up the “sorry”– it’s a lot easier to move on and be happy.

Until next time everybody,

D 😉

At this price, crying over spilt milk is a-okay.

At this price, crying over spilt milk is a-okay.


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