Much Ado About the Updo + On The Hunt For Palin’s Glasses


"Hm, where IS that book on crocheting..."

For the longest time, I thought the updo was strictly designated to librarians. (Sorry librarians– I mean the stereotypical kind with the glasses and long ruler. Or is that a teacher nun? School marm?)

I digress.

Turns out the touseled look on Sarah Palin– created quite a stir.  A fashion magazine blog even included instructions on how to re-create the look. (somewhat messy bun) (fun and flirty…fun and flirty!?) People are calling her the next Jackie Kennedy? (Uh…I don’t know about that…)

*I should stress: no matter if you’re a dem or a republican, there’s no denying the popularity of this political style phenomenon*

But this leads me to the news story I did for this morning, and the one that’s airing tonight.

When Sarah Palin was named McCain’s running mate– something strange happened at Romanelli Optix is Kansas City.  The calls started flooding in.

“I’ve been looking all over for the Palin glasses!” (seemed to be the sentence, uttered by women on the phone and in-store. One came Columbia just to get some. Columbia, the city, not country. But still.)

Rimless, titanium specs by Kazuo Kawasaki.  Just a few stores in the Metro sell them. Now they’re on a two month waiting list! I wasn’t able to include this in my story about them this morning– but the frames cost about $370, but add some lenses, special coatings, fees…one woman said she paid about $1000 for hers! 

To futher exacerbate things– blogs are now offering ways to get the Palin knock-off look for less.  Some are saying the glasses aren’t even real– just fake lenses…and one of my darling producers asked me “did she pay for them herself”?

There are folks who don’t think this is news…that the stories should all be about politics, and her political stance on the issues.  However, we fail to remember, if she’s having this strong of an impact on women’s fashions…with the manufacturer selling 9-thousand of the frames in 10 days of her VP candidacy…it’s definitely news.

The funniest thing about this story…it’s said, Kawasaki, the man behind the glasses says he’s thankful for what she’s done to his company…but is an Obama fan.

Until next time,


What my own glasses kind of look like. Not cool?

What my own glasses kind of look like. Not cool?

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  1. Speaking of glasses, here is a great site for getting great eyeglasses at unbelievable prices. I almost found it too good to be true when I first ordered from them. But, that was four years and 5 pairs of glasses ago.

    You just have to have your prescription from your doctor and your good to go. Complete glasses with shipping, anti-glare and scratch proof coating will only set you back anywhere from $25 to $50…no kidding, with money left over to buy toilet paper. Surprisingly they are great quality, just as good as other glasses I have bought that cost a couple hundred of dollars or more.

    You just have to try it to believe it honestly.

    Speaking of tp…check this out…if they would of only had this technology in Cleveland back in the day.

    ’nuff said,


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