Woot! Woot! + My Melamine-Tainted Koala Cookies

This is how I feel on Fridays

This is how I feel on Fridays

“Troy, is this a site about owls?  Or something inappropriate I can’t pull up at work?”

That was my trusty rusty producer a few months ago, wanting me to go to a website called WOOT. Little did I know, it was a site for OUTRAGEOUS deals.  Sometimes they’re kinda kooky too– so for all we know, they might sell an owl sometime.

How it works: Woot sells only ONE ITEM per day, or until it sells out.  The deals are awesome, like yesterday, I almost bought a $149 espresso machine. (I thought it was actually, kinda pricey– until I saw the same one being sold on Amazon for $399.

80 of these Playstation 3's were sold in 4 minutes!

80 of these Playstation 3

Then I starting thinking about my inner profit machine. But I digress.)

I once found a real owl on my windowsil. I took it as a sign to fly away.

I once found a real owl on my windowsil. I took it as a sign to fly away.

The catch:  Don’t expect great customer service…or customer service at all!  If you have a problem with the item, the site recommends you send it back to the manufacturer, or contact them.  (What if the manufacturer is in Uraguay? How long will you be on the phone, getting through there? Long-distance fees?  Helllloo?)

They also sell mystery bags too, which I think is kind of neat.  Troy just bought one yesterday– and has no idea what’s inside, but it could be wonderful!  Or it could be a toilet-bowl plunger, or a case of unwaxed dental floss.





We just read a story on the chemical that’s causing the sickness, melamine…being found in these cookies I used to eat by the BOATLOAD! These cute little koala shaped cookies, sold in Asian grocery stores, full of creamy chocolate-like product.  IS THAT ITCHING IN MY NECK REALLY FROM SUNBURN, OR IS THE MELAMINE ABSORBING INTO MY BODY!?!?
All joking aside– how scary.  Melamine, apparently is the substance used the make children’s plates.  (The kinda plasticky ones.) I used to laugh at my mom and dad (who live in Shanghai) warning me about Chinese products.  Can’t lump ’em all into the “tainted” category.  But after this cookies story- I think I’m going to stick to USA made Oreos. 

Cute and cuddly on the outside...full of mysteries and danger inside!

Cute and cuddly on the outside...full of mysteries and danger inside!

Have a great weekend everybody!  (As for me, I’m excited for a weekend of flag football up north, apple picking, and taking my dog, Georgie to the dog park. I love the fall season.)
– Dion

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  1. Hi Dion,

    I’ve been a “Wooter” for about 2 years – my best friend told me about it. They have some really great deals and some that aren’t so great. But I have a refurbished video camera that was a really great deal and a brand new digital camera that was practically a steal. The good stuff goes REALLY quickly, so it’s best the check just after the new Woot is posted just after midnight, or as soon as you get up in the morning.

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