Bad Economy= Potentially Good For Shoppers + Political Promos

First off:  Thanks to DDD reader Britany who writes in about The Top Secret.

“The Top Secret (.com) They have really good deals- Andrew Marc sale this week that’s 65% off what coats cost in stores right now! and they have had a bunch of great sunglasses sales.”

Now, I’ve blogged about The Top Secret before, but Britany reminds me why I should update the post with this advice: SHOP EARLY! As soon as you receive The Top Secret newsletter in your inbox (at odd hours, maybe 10:13am, or 2:03pm…whenever the sale happens to start) GO TO THE SITE IMMEDIATELY!  Avoid your employer…appear busy…do whatever you need to do. Because I was a few hours late for the Cole Haan shoes and accessories sale (where they had some of my favorite Nike heels at 70-percent off) and everything…or almost everything was sold out.

(WARNING: Do not use Dion Lim as an excuse if you’re caught shopping on the job!)


Neiman Marcus beer caddy, anyone?

Neiman Marcus beer caddy, anyone?

Speaking about shopping…have you noticed retailers are offering free shipping and deeper discounts this year, as opposed to last?   For example, the New York Time wrote about Neiman Marcus not doing so hot this year with the bad economy. (What!? People are less inclined to buy a private jet or rent a Caribbean Island while the government is in the process of passing a 700-billion dollar bailout? SHOCKER!) While banks are failing, and loans are dying…if you want to buy some jeans, or a new coffee maker (not just a diamond-encrusted one at Neiman Marcus)…now might not be a bad time.

That and real quick: I purchased a political t-shirt yesterday on a politicans website(as a journalist, do you like how cryptic I’m being?) and after searching the blogs (Google blogs) and I was able to find a 15% off coupon- which saved me shipping and a little off the price of the shirt.

Who knew even political stores and donations could have promotional codes. Maybe I should total up my annual online savings and put it into a CD at the end of the year.


PS: I forgot my Blackberry at home today for the first time in my life.  Like I told Lisa Teachman this morning… “..I feel like I’m missing an arm.  My Berry, completes me.” (Wow, either this is a sign of how connected my generation is…or there’s just something wrong with me.)

PPS: I discovered this recently…and my mouth dropped open.  Apparently, eating Chipotle burritos four times a week (not that I do this often…) is not the best food option.  More about this tomorrow.

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