Holy Moly Thanks! + The 1 Penny Nectarine Blog

A penny?  For six?!

A penny? For six?!

First off, thanks for all the great emails in response to my blog and the deals we’re going to start doing on KMBC.  I’ve gotten so many great tips from you all, I barely have enough time to talk/blog about them all!  Keep checking back though, I’ll try and update at least every other day, if not everyday.

That, and it’s been a very exciting week. While it’s not the New York Times, Pitch Magazine named me Best Morning News Anchor for 2008! http://www.pitch.com/bestof/2008/award/best-morning-news-anchor-732874/ I’m very excited and honored.  I will add this to my list of accomplishments…like 4th grade class spelling bee winner (I got the word “BUFFALO” wrong…don’t ask me how) and “Former eBay Powerseller”!

It’s Friday, so I’m going to try and enjoy some of the sunshine, but before I go: check out this woman’s blog. http://yardsalequeen.blogspot.com/ You think some of the deals I hear about are good?  This woman LIVES for garage sales.  She’s from Maryland, and I was going to do a sattelite interview with her a few weeks ago, but it fell through.  Essentially, she’s a stay at home mom who bargain shops like nobody’s business.  She’ll hit up a dozen garage sales in one morning– know exactly what to buy. She’ll use coupons in combination with sales so the store ends up owing her money!  My favorite one is the package of 6 nectarines she found for ONE PENNY at the Day-Old-Produce shelf at the supermarket.

I’ll try and update this post tonight at home.  There’s a list of sites I want to get to all of you.

Cheers and thank you all for making me one very, very happy newsperson,



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