Do You Think I Can Pass For An 8-Year-Old? (AKA: Eating Free)

My favorite veggie growing up. No joke.

My favorite veggie growing up. No joke.

If the camera ever took a wide enough shot– you’d see that just about everyday I wear some kind of high-heeled shoe while I anchor.  It’s just something I do.

Just today Justin Robinson, (AM reporter) who sits at the desk next to me, asked how tall I was.  Solemly, I answered “About 5-foot-3 and a half”.  Maria Antonia, who sits across from me, also likes to don high-footwear to make up for being vertically challenged.

While my stature is small and used to bother me, I’ve since embraced it, with nicknames like “shorty”. I can also get away with shopping in the children’s department.  (Sometimes.) What I can’t do, is pass for an 8-year old and buy the children’s ticket at the movies.

But if I could pass for an 8-year-old at a restaurant, I’d eat free for life. is a search engine where you type in your zipcode, and a few other basics of where you live, and instantly, a bunch of restaurants where kids under X years of age, can eat at a huge discount with an adult, or sometimes free, period!

Apparently there are 15 restaurants within 15 miles of where I live that offer kids meal deals.  Hey, if you’re a mom or dad these days, and want to take your 5 Squidoos out for a meal without breaking the piggy bank, this could be a very, valuable resource.

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  1. While you may not be able to pass for an 8-year old, there are some nearly-free deals you can get by going out for an earlier dinner and sitting in the bar area of restaurants to take advantage of Happy Hour specials. For example, did you know you can get cheese and chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot for $3.50 per person per course? Delicious fish tacos and calamari are under $5 each at M&S Grill and One 80 has the best flaming cheese on special during Happy Hour!

    Some restaurants require alcohol purchases to get the special deals, but plenty do not.

    Thanks for the site about the free kids food and keep up the good work!

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