Troy’s $75 Speaker for $1 + Happy Hour Deals

The Mystery Box

The Mystery Box

Hi Everybody– First a huge thanks to my blog reader, Amy who send this tip after reading my “Kids Eat Free” post yesterday:

“…Did you know you can get cheese and chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot for $3.50 per person per course? Delicious fish tacos and calamari are under $5 each at M&S Grill and One 80 has the best flaming cheese on special during Happy Hour!”

Now, I can personally attest to the McCormick and Schmick’s happy hour deals.  I had a $10 gift certificate, and ended up with a burger, a sushi roll, calamari and a soda. (Being a very small human being, I physically can’t hold much alcohol, so don’t worry– “drinking” is not necessary to get these deals.) Flaming Cheese…mmm…

Some of my fellow morning news co-workers are planning a get together next week, so maybe we can head to one of these happy hours and I can blog about it afterward.

Back to the $75 speaker.

Remember how I blogged about a couple weeks ago?  Apparently, my producer Troy, bought one of their infamous “MYSTERY BOXES” which cost just $1 plus $5 shipping.  Today, the package arrived at the station– all 40 pounds of it.  Inside, ONE speaker.  One BIIIIG speaker.



Apparently this speaker, costs about $75 retail.  The problem is…Troy doesn’t know if this speaker will work on it’s own.  Speakers are like sneakers…they come in pairs. His full report is to come.  But let this be your “WOOT” lesson of the day.  You might never know what you’re going to get…if it’ll work…but if it does, it’s one sweet deal.

Gotta run.  I’m filling in anchoring the 5-7am show tomorrow, so I should be winding down soon. Not scouring the Internet for deals and coupon codes!

Until tomorrow- Dion 🙂


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