Invitation? Oh Please– Dion’s Daily Deal Will HOOK YOU UP

No invite? No problem!

No invite? No problem!

After the huge response to the sample sale website, I’ve been getting requests from viewers for access to The Top Secret.  Top Secret’s another sample sale site which requires an invitation, but for all my loyal readers, you can get instant access PLUS a $15 credit for your first purchase!

Now, The Top Secret’s a little different than GILT, in that they offer just one designer boutique online at a time.  Right now it’a  new designer you see at SAKS and Neiman Marcus who designs evening gowns.  These are $500 gowns selling at about half-price.  Like all sample sales, you never know what you’re going to get.  Next week it might be a sample sale on $20 t-shirts. 

All you have to do, is go to this

exclusive website for instant access:

Private Invitation URL:

Coupon Code: KMBC ($15 Off at checkout)

(whoops, sorry for all the viewers who checked out my blog page and the link wasn’t up.  For some reason my blogsite didn’t save the latest changes I made.  It’s here now! It’s here!)



Let me know if you buy anything from the site, I’d love to hear your story!

-Dion 🙂


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