A Mobster Girlfriend is a Good Deal

In Chinese it's "Sheh-Sheh"

In Chinese it

Slang Definition of a Gomatta: Noun. A mobster’s girlfriend.

While back I blogged about www.woot.com– the site that offers *ONE* bargain a day at rock-bottom prices. Most of WOOT’s items are techie things, like speakers and headphones, but for all the ladies out there: http://www.gomattagirls.com started by, who else…two Italian ladies who joke about being “Gomattas” and offer ONE designer item at a rock-bottom price.

Today, it’s this



 handbag, which normally runs $425 and is now $110. (74% off!) When the item sells out (FINITO!) it’s out. So like those sample sales, shop quickly!

That, and…I can’t thank everyone enough for the huge response to the blog and for sending in those deals! I’m gearing up for our enormous ratings period in November, and I have a lot of goodies up my sleeve for the blog and stories for KMBC.  You’ve all made my job here, a lot of fun.

Cheers, Dion

PS: UPDATE: Hahaha.  My executive producer on the morning show called me before we went on the air and said “make sure you tell viewers the exact, correct address!” I asked “why?” and Tracey said if I accidentally changed the spelling, it was an X-rated site! Yipes!

That and I noticed today’s item is a belt I saw in Oprah Magazine.  Oprah might buy her designer belts retail…but we got the GomattaGirls.


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