We’re Giving Away A Free Savings Shopping Session! (Plus, a Free Taco!)

Hey Everybody-

Oragami. Not the way I'd spend a Jackson.

Oragami. Not the way I'd spend a Jackson...

I’m so excited to bring you a special series I’m working on called “Coupon Mom” for next month–

Picture this: You’re a mom of 2, trying to feed your family, buy supplies and household items, and you’re spending about $800 a month on everything.  Then, you figure out a way to time it just right, to use coupons, rebates and special savings on sale items, to reduce your bill to just $300 a month!  And you still buy the brand-names you love!

A local woman, Kristi, did just that, and with another metro mom, started a website to teach others about their secret strategy.

My stories on Kristi are going to air in a couple weeks, but to get ready, First News is giving away a FREE one-on-one shopping session with Kristi!  You’ll go with Kristi (and me and a photographer) to a local grocery store/convenience store and she’ll plan out a special shopping plan for you and your family.  I’m telling you, you’re guarenteed to save at least a couple hundred dollars with her method.

All you need to do, email me at dlim@hearst.com (I’m going to get a lot of emails, so if I don’t respond right away, bear with me!) and tell me about you and your family.  (HINT: be specific with your family’s needs, what you do, how much your budget it, we want it all!)

It’s like the lottery but better.  You don’t have to pay any money to win…we’ll pick a winner based on their story, not on pure luck, and it’s like the saying “give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”.  You’ll be saving for *years* under Kristi’s plan.

Keep me posted!


PS:  Special thanks to Heather, who started the site www.freebies4mom.com — a site I mentioned a few weeks ago.  Apparently her site was recently featured on Inside Edition!  Way to go Kansas City, for being on the ball first 😉 Heheh 🙂

PPS:  Taco Bell’s doing it again– steal a base, get a free crunchy taco.  

Run!  Don't Walk!

I remember they did this for the Sox game last year, but this year, since a base has been stolen, head on over to Taco Bell between 2pm-6pm on October 28th and get one free!  (If you’re like me, hit up all the area TB’s!)


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