What Do You Call A Coupon Organizer? A Couponizer, Of Course!


Leaving this on my desk was a bad idea-- one of my co-workers, who I adore, but shall not be named...tried to steal it! 🙂


Wow! After we aired our first Coupon Mom story Monday night at 10pm, the response has been incredible!  Today, we gave away a Couponizer- the organizing book Chrissy Pate uses to keep her coupons and sale items in order. 


I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls and emails from you, asking “Where can I get one!”. Apparently, these organizers are only sold in stores in Georgia and Texas!  However….Chrissy sells them at her website:




Even our awesome receptionist, Denice, sent me an email this morning, saying she got one herself after seeing it being used in our story!


This past weekend, when I had my 40-cent soup raid at Target, I dropped my coupon envelope embarrassingly in the aisle, and created quite a mess, so I just might be getting one myself!


Until next time,


Dion (and her Daily Deals) (Sounds like a 60’s soul band, doesn’t it!?)


PS:  Stay tuned for tomorrow or Friday.  I have a great Deal coming up where you can get DVD rentals…for free!


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