To Tip, Or Not To Tip. That’s MY Question.



Tipping and I have had a tumultuous relationship. 

At 16, working as a waitress on a cruise boat, we relied mostly on tips.  Many of the guests didn’t know they were supposed to tip, but when I made the mistake of telling them about tipping…I had a woman in a fur stole tell me I was a selfish little girl who should keep her trap shut. (YIPES!)


At 20, working at a breakfast restaurant in college, we also relied on tips.  Unfortunately, the majority of guests were from overseas, where they didn’t tip.  I eventually wrote up a note to stick in my check holder for the guests.  Even more unfortunately, the guests often didn’t speak English.


Then there were the times when I was on the tipping side, where I didn’t know if I should tip or not.  The tow-truck driver who I gave 30-dollars, only to find out, AAA already paid for the tow and tip.  When I confronted the guy about it, he claimed I gave him only 15.


Goes to show what a touchy subject tipping can be.  On so many levels.


With the holidays fast approaching, I’m wondering how much to tip my hairstylist.  (This is also a good way for me to test out this new poll feature on my blog!)  Do you tip and how much?!



DD (Not only my nickname growing up, but also my blog name)


PS:  Special thanks to Suzanne who wrote me to give everyone the heads up: “103rd St. and also the Price Chopper located at 84th and Wornall, refuse to take internet coupons if they are over $1.00.” I’m told it depends on the PC.  Some will and some won’t.  Also let me know if you’ve had any problems.


PPS: Hang in there…I’m working on a nice giveaway…but I have yet to hear from my source.  (Wow, that was cryptic. I’ll try better tomorrow!)   


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