“Dude! Where’s the Filling!?”

Am I missing something!?!?

Am I missing something!?!?

Using my $2 off coupon for any Kashi product, I bought this over the weekend.  One of my favorites…the Kashi Veggie Medly.  A little baked bun filled with, yes, a veggie medley.


(So much protein!  So much fiber! So convenient at 3:30 in the morning!)


This morning, I nuked it, and took a bite…no filling!

I kept on chewing; thinking there might be some filling that slipped to the other end of the bun.


Still! No filling!


So I cut the Kashi Veggie Medly open, and it was empty!


Stay with me here…I saved the bun, it’s at home on the counter still, (being dried out for preservation) and I’m going to send it back to the company and see if I can get a refund…or maybe they can send me some filling.


Must run—still waiting on my movies deals…in due time…in due time.


– Dion J


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  1. I got a good laugh out of the “maybe they can send me some filling” line. I can’t believe it was completely empty. How odd. I’m sure they’ll refund you, but it kind of makes you wonder how often that happens.

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