Ugly Sweaters Vs. DKNY– A Trip Down Memory Lane

Couture at a Goodwill Price

Couture at a Goodwill Price

Yesterday, I attended an “Ugly Sweater Party” for my kickball league.  While many of my past fashion choices could be classified as mistakes…I didn’t think I had any “ugly” sweaters to wear, so I headed to the Goodwill. 

Among the racks, I shall not lie– PLENTY of ugly sweaters.  Christmas-themed ones with reindeer and puffy paint…neon wool sweaters with tassels, undoubtedly knit by a long, lost aunt somewhere. 

But surprisingly enough…I also found some pretty stylish duds.  In fact, this DKNY shirt caught my eye, because I remember seeing it at a fancy department store not too long ago, for about 100-bucks.  Goodwill price: $2.49! It was in excellent condition, (a little too big for me, so I didn’t buy it) and reminded me of the treasure in one person’s trash.

Growing up, I called it the Big 3.  Goodwill, St. Vincent DePauls, and Salvation Army.  The Big 3 “department stores” where my family shopped for clothes.  I resented shopping there are a child, because my classmates were decked out in mall fashions.   I remember vividly one ensemble my mother put together for me.  A plum-colored, corduroy button up, with pearl buttons, and a squirrel/wildlife motif. 

Either I was at a good Goodwill store, or my fashion sense was just terrible as a child.  This Goodwill was filled with name-brand “mall fashions”. Most of them in good or like-new condition.  I say, if you shop at second-hand stores out of need, or out of desire…more power to you. 

Have a good weekend everyone– and stay tuned for the 10pm news next Thursday.  I’ve got something up my sleeve! 😉


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