Exclusive Free DVD Rental For YOU!

Only in Japan...Cards, Film and Treats.  All-In-One!

Only in Japan...Cards, Film and Treats. All-In-One!


Vending machines vend pretty much anything these days.  In fact, at the Macy’s in Town Center Plaza, I saw a vending machine vend Apple iPods.  (I like touching and testing electronics before I buy, so maybe this isn’t for me.)  In Japan, they vend everything from cigarettes, to beer, to underwear!  I even read there’s one vending machine for ever 23 people!


A couple weekends ago– I was given a coupon code to use the RedBox DVD vending machine.  So, I hit the Price Chopper, in search of ice cream (with a coupon, a-la my Coupon Mom) and a DVD. The line was pretty long, so I trotted over to the McDonalds in the same parking lot.  (This is sounding very healthy already, ice cream…McDonalds.  Hey, I have no problem admitting my love for the occasional Happy Meal.  It’s been one of my top fast-food meals of choice since the tender age of 3.  But I digress. )


Using my coupon code, I rented George Clooney for 24 glorious hours.  When I returned the next day to pop my disc back into the machine, my brain cogs started churning.  This was a great idea! No rental membership fees…no waiting for my mail-away DVDs to arrive…free code.  FREE CODE…


Of course I couldn’t just get this free DVD rental, and not offer it to my FirstNews viewers!  So, Dion’s Daily Deal has teamed up with RedBox to give you a free movie night!




Valid: 11/19/08 (Wednesday) to 11/21/08 (Friday)




You can only use the code once per account and it’s EXCLUSIVE to the KC Metro. (Oo La-La!) Sit back.  Enjoy your bowl of popcorn (or be like me, a Hamburger Happy Meal) and see you next time!




Dion J   

PS:  Love it– a coupon code, named after ME! Hehehe…

No iPods...Just DVDs Folks!

No iPods...Just DVDs Folks!


3 Responses

  1. Dion,

    This is awesome! We linked it in over at BeCentsable!

  2. Trying to respond to the DVD give away DIONDD, not seeing where to enter this code.

  3. Too bad they don’t have this in Florida! Maybe you can talk someone into it down here:)
    Love your page…I’m now an avid reader and so are my coworkers…the empty frozen pocket was great! Hope to see you guys again soon!

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