What Dion Can Get For $1.70!

I should frame this.

I should frame this.

I shouldn’t be blogging on my day off…let alone a day when I have family in from Boston…but I CAN’T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT! After doing TWO Coupon Mom stories, I think I’ve got this down.  Here’s what I got for about $1.80.

– One can organic tomato paste. Originally $1.19 – $1.00 coupon = 19-cents!

– One large bag Tyson chicken patties (10 patties) Originally $4.99 – $3.00 manufacturer’s coupon – $1.00 Target coupon = 99-cents!

– One package Goody elastic bands. Originally $2.19- $2.00 printable coupon = 19-cents!

– One can Progresso chicken noodle soup. Originally $1.60, on sale $1.49 – $1.10 coupon = 39-cents!

After I got the chicken, I went home, dazed and amazed, and printed out more coupons and did another super saving trip!  I’m telling you, this is addicting. I must confess, I saw others buying the chicken, and secretly thought to myself “IF ONLY YOU HAD THIS COUPON!!!”

Fair is fair, and I had extra coupons for the hair elastics, and since those are unlimited prints, I gave one woman a coupon, and she and her little son seemed very thrilled.  “Say thank you to the nice lady!” I also gave away my RedBox code to the folks in line at the McDonalds.  I think they were slightly dazed and amazed too…it’s a good feeling.

Okay, it’s time for football. Football, errands and relaxing.  See you all soon!

Dion 😉


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  1. OK, I am trying my hand at this…what is truly amazing is that I have been clipping coupons for years (over 30) and shopping at the dollar stores (I get my husbands reading glasses for a buck!) but I have yet to figure out where you are getting your coupons. Where did you find the coupon on the chicken? Just curious.

    Hope to hear from you!

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