Give Free Restaurant Gift Certificates!

Like Alice In Wonderland...I Say... "GIVE ME!"

Like Alice In Wonderland...I Say... "GIVE ME!"







Awhile ago, I blogged about , the site where you can buy 10-dollar gift certificates to restaurants for 2-bucks. 


With Christmas just a few weeks away, it gets better. 


The site is now GIVING AWAY 10-dollar gift certificates!


Here’s how it works….every day until Christmas, you can log on, and GIVE 3 certificates a day to people you know, people you love, anybody! (A skeptical me, tried it out this morning, and sent one to my home email…and it works!)


The CEO of the company says it’s just a way to brighten someone’s day and spread goodwill to folks during this economic downturn.  I’d say so!


My belief, is free things are wonderful—but when it’s something like this—giving free things to others, it’s even better. 






PS:  I’ve been giving away some of my printable coupons to unsuspecting folks at the store, and it makes me very happy!  One woman seemed scared this small person was rapidly approaching her with a coupon…then when she realized there were no strings attached, I wasn’t trying to sell her something, she smiled and seemed very grateful!


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