The Ultimate Coupon Book

Oh yes, I'm making you pose with the book J.Rob!

Oh yes, I'm making you pose with your coupon book, J.Rob! Smile!

Hi Everybody,


Justin Robinson sits next to me at the station, and yesterday, he sold me (we like to joke he “hustled”) this coupon book to me, that benefits the Youth Group Ministries he teaches part time. 


Usually with these coupon books, I don’t think much of them.  Usually the books are full of coupons I don’t have any use for. i.e: three pounds of lard free! Mustache wax at 20% discount! Or the coupon deal really isn’t very good. i.e: buy twelve XL pizzas, get free breadsticks.


This coupon book is so fabulous and chock-full of deals, J.Flink himself bought one.  (along with our producer, Crystal.  We like to hoard the Chick-fil-A coupons.)


For 20-bucks. We get 64 pages of AWESOME coupons.  Example: free oil changes at FireStone Tires.  TWELVE free items at the Chick-Fil-A.  (No strings attached, just free sandwiches, free kids meals, free chicken biscuits.) There’s 6 coupons for 10-dollars off your 50-dollar purchase at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  The list goes on…and on…(like the Energizer Bunny.)


Check it out:

At best, it’s for a good cause—next time I see Justin, I’ll have to ask him more about his organization.


Gotta run,



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