A Play: “Ma’am Can You Spare Some Gas”

The Scene:  QuickTrip

Reason: Dion, filling up on 1.89 a gallon gasoline

Time:  Early afternoon, after work


<Dion pumps gasoline in 10-degree temperatures, minding her own business, wondering why her Blackberry’s browser isn’t working.>


Man Who Looks Like Don Cheadle: “Excuse me, excuse me, ma’am?”


<Dion looks around, wondering if there’s a viewer wanting to say “hello” or someone telling her Ugg boots don’t go along with her pink business-like suit.>


Dion: “Hi!  How are you?”


Man Who Looks Like Don Cheadle: “My car is a few blocks away, and I don’t have any cash…I ran out of gas.”


Dion: “I’m sorry, I don’t carry cash on me.” (which is the truth)


Man Who Looks Like Don Cheadle (AKA: M.W.L.L.D.C)- “No, I don’t want any money, just a gallon of gas so I can make it to work?”


Dion assesses the man.  Dion would usually give anyone TRULY in need a hand, but the thought crosses Dion’s mind, that this man might be trying to swindle her.


Dion: “You didn’t bring any money with you?”


Dion says as she stares as the man’s gas container.  When he shakes his head, Dion has a flashback to several months ago, when she forgot her wallet on her way into work.  The gas gauge was pointed to “E”, so her fabulous co-worker, Kay, lent her 10-dollars.


Dion proceeds to give the man a gallon and a half of gas. (Premium, nonetheless.) Dion then wonders if she should have been nicer and given the man a ride back to his car…but in this day in age, she’s just happy to help out.


End of story: I never know if I should trust people who ask for a handout. I’ve volunteered at soup kitchen regularly in the past…given Burger King Whoppers to homeless folks on the street…but there’s always the rotten egg who uses your $1 for booze.   

 Have a good weekend everyone. We’ve been on snow patrol around here, since we have a couple of inches, and there’s accidents ALL OVER the place. I might have some exciting news, come Monday…but we’ll see how this weekend goes! (There I go again, being cryptic…but let’s just say this could, potentially, hopefully, be an eventful weekend…involving…a…gulp…diamond?)dl


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  1. Soooooooooo, what’s the news on the diamond???????

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