The MEAT Blog Entry. Deals to Devour.

A Woven Mat of Bacon.

Spread Some Sausage.

Add More Bacon.


Grill/BBQ. = The Bacon Explosion.

Meat, meat, and more meat. I actually tried some, and it was smoky and pretty good!

Meat, meat, and more meat. I actually tried some, and it was smoky and pretty good!


This is the meat-lovin’ concoction dreamed up by a couple of Metro guys, that made it all the way into the New York Times.  It’s creation was being demonstrated during the 7-8am KCWE show this morning.


I wasn’t sure if I should be delighted at the thought of so much of my favorite breakfast meats, all rolled up…or feel nauseous at the thought of so much meat in my 113-pound body.


This doesn’t really pertain to much, except that it’s a talker around the station…and I did find a neat coupon online if you want to get a piece of beef for less…. Hardee’s.  BOGO burgers.  Buy a Thickburger, get a smaller Thickburger for free!  Here’s the link:


Problem with coupons like this, and the Burger King ones you get in the mail sometimes, is you end up buying too much.  At McDonalds, for example, I’ll say it.  I’m a fan of their apple pies.  Something about compressed hand-held crust, and gooey sticky sweet apples is really appealing when you need a sweet in a pinch.  The apple pie is either 85-cents for one…or two for a dollar!  You’d have to be dense not to realize the “good deal” here. 


It becomes a bad deal when I devour both pies, and feel ill afterward.

Speaking of ill, I called out sick Tuesday for the first time since arriving at KMBC. My favorite quote coming back was “I didn’t know you GOT sick”!


(Don’t worry, nothing major, I’m 100% okay today!)




PS:  Remember how I told everyone about a few months ago?  The site is offering $25 dining gift certificates for just 10-bucks?  I’ve got good news again!  The site is offering those gift certificates for just $3 now.  Yes!  Just type in this code: SUPER when you check out.  My personal favorite has become the Ted’s Montana Grill, which doesn’t have a lot of restrictions, and is applicable for takeout orders.  We end up with $50 worth of food for $28 including the coupon.  Get yourself some BISON!


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