Oh Boy.  Hahaha, I can laugh about it now. 

This is $3 on the ground!

This is $3 on the ground!

Yesterday, one of my producers, Crystal, came over my place to watch Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. After lunch at Chick-Fil-A, I figured we should get some pie. 

Since I wanted to get this TV-watching party started, I put the pie on a piece of foil (this way I wouldn’t have to clean a baking dish later) and when I went to pick it up…the foil broke!

Whoops.  Foil. Not strong.

Thankfully I had the other half of the pie left, and we ate that.  Pretzles, MAYBE we can pick them up.  (Three second rule.) PIE? Not so much. 

Dion 🙂


PS:  check out it’s a freebie site that doesn’t have a LOT of content, but does have some great deals, like directing you on how to get a free appetizer at Red Lobster.


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