It’s 5:30am. Where’s The Beef?!

Good Morning Again!

Okay, this, I’m nicknaming the “Beef Post”.

Wow, taking a bite would require a very large jaw.

Wow, taking a bite would require a very large jaw.

1. For the McDonald’s deals, you have to call your local McD’s for the specifics.  They’re all individually owned, and the corporate folks tell me they don’t have a master list.  I did call one Kansas City location, and they offer 69-cent burgers on Sundays.  It just depends on your location.

2. That Roast Burger? Free on March 8th at Arby’s with the purchase of a drink.  If you’re mouth is salivating, like mine is right now, and you just can’t wait, go here: and you can print the coupon out and use it immediately!

3. My executive producer really likes Ted’s Montana Grill, like I do.  Check this out:

It’s basically a contest where you tell the company what you like about the food, and every person who writes in, gets a free burger!  It takes just a couple of minutes.  The burgers come in beef or bison, and are usually 8 to 10 bucks, so this one’s a great offer!

Okay, until 6am!



2 Responses

  1. The links for the Arby’s deal don’t lead anywhere. It is for the March 8th free burger if you buy a drink. I am at a school district, so maybe my ability to do that one is blocked.

    • Good Morning Lee Ann,
      Thanks for checking my blog! I think you might have a firewall at the school not allowing you to access certain pages like the Arby’s one. No fear though, I checked and the link works at home and works on our work computers. I’d Google “Free Arby’s Burger Coupon” and see what happens. Good luck and have a good weekend! -D

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