Headline: Woman Drops Engagement Ring Down Sink…ME?

LOL, hopefully that doesn’t happen. Forgot engagement ring near the sink this morning– was in a hury this AM. Left it near the sink while washing hands…hoo, let’s hope it doesn’t fall down the drain! 😉 Gotta run, commercial break ending soon.


2 Responses

  1. Dion,
    Please tell me you found your engagement ring? I hope you did! Thanks for passing on all of these great deals!

    • Anya– hi! Thanks for asking– yes, I found it! PHEW! See, I have a little bit of a clutter issue in the bathroom and kitchen (who doesn’t these days!? You know, hair styling products…kitchen utensils…yadda, yadda.) so it was easy to misplace, but it was there– just sitting there when I got home! Thanks goodness! Cheers, Dion 🙂

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