Triple Coupons Up To $2!? Where!? Where!?

At K-Mart!!!

Remember when they brought back layaway last year?  It was a huge success.  Gotta say, K-Mart is really on to something...

Remember when they brought back layaway last year? It was a huge success. Gotta say, K-Mart is really on to something...

When I heard this offer, I almost screamed.  Instead, I called up my coupon buddy, Denice, the receptionist at Channel 9, and cried “Denice!  Double and triple coupons are back at K-Mart!!!”. She responded incredulously, and in my head, I began planning my attack.

It’s true.  I called corporate, and they tell me, until the 25th of April, select K-Mart locations will double coupons up to TWO DOLLARS (WHAAAAT!?) It’s even better.  They’ll TRIPLE coupons up to 75-cents! 

Here’s the locations: (call ahead if you’re still unsure or want to double check)

Missouri Side—

1.     Bannister

2.     State Ave

3.     Vivion

4.     NE Barry Road

Kansas Side—

1.     State Avenue

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been to a K-Mart for about 20 years.  It’s because my family figured the Wal-Mart was bigger and had more to offer.  If you’ve been to a K-Mart and found some good deals, (with or without coupons) I’d like to hear about it!

This next one’s a doozy too. 

Remember when I told you about Glamour magazine subscriptions for less than 2-bucks to celebrate their anniversary? REDBOOK has subscriptions for just 99-cents at the Barnes and Noble site:

PS: Try these codes for 10% off, and you could potentially get this deal for 89-cents!



Okay, gotta run and finish up a bunch of stories for this week.  To be honest,  I’m not having a good day today— (just the typical little stuff getting to me) so the sooner I get my work done, the sooner I can head out into the sunshine.  I NEED SOME SUNSHINE AND VITAMIN D TODAY!


Dion J

PS:  Don’t forget, I’m debuting “Freebie Fridays” this week on First News!


4 Responses

  1. I called one of the Independence K-marts and they are doing this as while but what the did not tell on the phone or have a sign posted is that there is a limit of 25 coupons per day. Plus when I got home I looked at my receipt and realized that they only doubled my coupons and not tripled the ones that were suppose to be.

    • Ooh, thanks for letting us all know. I recently went shopping at a Target and the cashier had missed a couple coupons in my stack, so I’ve learned to be real careful and hand each coupon over one-by-one. Keep up the good work! -Dion

  2. I recently visited the KMart at State Ave because they are the ONLY location in the KC Metro with Zenith DTT901 TV converter boxes (which receive better reviews than most). Lots of good deals and not near as crowded as many stores.

    I’ll be going back tomorrow to take advantage of the coupons deal!

    • Ooh, good tip, Christy! Good luck couponing– I had a viewer tell me the KMarts accept only up to 25 coupons at a time. Let me know if this is the case!

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