The 1st Freebie Friday!

 My producer said to me on Monday “Hey, how would you like to do a new segment called Freebie Friday?”Since I like alliteration, I said to him “Terriffic, Troy!  Totally.”.  (and sounded like a MallRat) whole-foods-lunch-bag2 

Yesterday, Oprah had her show about Earth Day, (it was pretty shocking…apparently, I will produce my weight in TRASH in less than 30 days!  Yuck.) and of course, The Queen of Talk gives away something fabulous during her show.  While this isn’t a car, this eco-friendly lunch bag from Whole Foods is a nice freebie.  Just print out the coupon:


lunch bag: The bag isn’t exactly expensive, probably a buck, but still!  Free lunch bag!  Print out a couple!




Speaking of lunch—a few days ago, KFC delivered a bunch of their new grilled chicken to the station for us to try.  My boss goes “You don’t eat this kind of stuff, do you?” I laughed and said “I have a blessed Asian metabolism and can eat anything!”


Turns out the grilled chicken isn’t as bad for you nutritionally as the extra crispy fried stuff.  The grilled has about 4 to 9 grams per piece, depending on the cut. To promote their product (oh they’ll need promotions, because when I think KFC, what else do I think of?  FRIED.) stores will give away FREE pieces of chicken on the 27th. (I called the local KFC and they tell me ALL stores nationwide are participating)



My future sister-in-law gave me a copy of Confessions of a Shopaholic to read on the airplane from Boston back to Kansas City last fall.  Lo and behold, a few months later, it became a movie. If you saw the film, or just want to read the book, Random House is GIVING AWAY COPIES!  Just go to the website and check it out.  Supplies are limited, so if you don’t get one, L if they’re all gone by the time you get there, I’m sorry!




And on a totally unrelated note- Gillette is giving away 500 Fusion Razors everyday until May 16th.  Just register at their site. I hear the razors go fast, and the giveaway starts at 11am Central Time, so get on that DSL and get yourself one!


Not confirmed, but worth a try…I hear the first 1000 people to test “GILLETTE” to 56418 during a Yankees Game (huh?!) can get a free razor too!  These things are about 10 bucks, so might as well.  Granted Gillette wants to get you hooked on them and buy refills, but hey, this one’s free.


Enjoy!  Time to get out in the sun!








5 Responses

  1. i love this blog it saves me tons of money people should use it more often!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Sara– THANKS! You’re awesome. Hmm…because of your nice feedback, does this mean my boss will see it and I can get a cash bonus? I’ll be posting new deals real soon, so stay tuned! – Dion

  2. The Shopaholic book sweepstakes is over. (December 2008) 😦

  3. Thanks for the great deals. I have been doing the Target coupons for the past couple of weeks and putting them with the newspaper coupons and last week I saved over $17. Thanks for all the work you do on this. I check it almost daily to see what is new deals you have found.

    • Hey Angie– that’s great, I’m impressed! I think people assume it’s a lot of work, and it does take a couple minutes, but for the most part, it’s definitely worth it. Keep it up! – Dion

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