Freebie *FOOD* Friday! (+ 2 FREE Hallmark Card!)

Good morning everybody!


People love free food.  It’s a fact of life.  Just like the fact the sky is blue, and that Dion Lim isn’t the best driver in the world.  When Brenda Washington brought back two slabs of ribs from a BBQ story she did—those suckers were gone in less than 5 minutes!  People I barely knew worked at Channel 9 came flocking!



I’ve got deals on free or almost free food for all meals…albeit, maybe not the best nutritional valued foods…but yummy nonetheless.  I got you covered.


BREAKFAST: SONIC Free Croissant Sandwich with drink purchase: just enter your email addy and the necessary info to get your coupon.

LUNCH: Since Arby’s introduced their new Roastbuger line, I admit, I’m hooked.  I’ve eaten about 15 of them, and paid for probably 2. The coupons are back for free Roastburgers with drink purchase…but you gotta text for them: TEXT “ROASTBURGER” to ARBYS (27297) and receive a coupon on your cell phone for FREE Roastburger with any soft drink purchase.*
The opposite…

TEXT “TEA” to ARBYS (27297) and receive a coupon on yourcell phone for a FREE Iced FruitTea with purchase of any sandwich at full price.*

DESSERT: two frozen treats…both creamy and delicious.

Haggan Dazs has a new line of ice creams, and you can snag a free scoop of one of them, MAY 12th from 4-8pm.  (DYK, Haggan Dazs is NOT German?  I was shocked.  Oh well, I love ice cream, so I’ll let this slide J)

DETAILS: CALL YOUR LOCATION to make sure they’re participating.  But at the Tuileries Plaza Location only (6209 NW 63rd Terrace, Kansas City, MO) they’ll have special events like local bee keepers to educate people on their *BEE* ice creams.  (Not just honey-flavored…bees, btw pollinate ingredients in about half of Haggan-Dazs ice cream flavors!)

TCBY:  MOTHER’S DAY, TCBY is giving away free cones!  (CALL AHEAD to make sure your location is participating!)

FINALLY, I know, I know, it’s not free food.  But it’s about Mother’s and making them happy, and we all want that, don’t we?

HALLMARK: offering free cards you can personalize with your photo for mom!  They’ll even pay for sending it to her!  This isn’t an e-card, but a real, live Hallmark card.  This is an awesome idea for those who tend to forget Mother’s Day.  Ahem. Ahem.  <guilty look…>  You gotta order by today to make sure it gets there on time!




To wrap up this post- just another thanks to everyone for helping Dion’s Daily Deal.  The deals keep pouring in, and my favorite is when I’m out and about, running errands and someone stops and tells me they like my work, and offer me a deal.  J Have a great weekend everybody.

PS:  Yesterday, I tried to buy a face mask, just for kicks…not that I’m worried I’m going to get the swine flu…but get this.  All the CVS, Target, and Wal-Mart stores I called were out!  Man.  I should have hoarded a bunch when this first happened, and sold them on eBay.  (just kidding.)


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