One Million Hits…Here I Come! (Kinda.)

WOW!  Thanks to Oprah and her KFC, Dion’s Daily Deal continues to grow, and we had our biggest day ever yesterday!  Thank you so much everybody.  I personally went to KFC the day before, and yesterday, used my text message code to get this:
It looks like I'm a messy eater...but I'm not, I swear!

It looks like I'm a messy eater...but I'm not, I swear!


The manager at Arby’s tells me I use more coupons than any other customer! :-O

 Couple quick things before I get to the deals today:

I know the majority of folks were able to print their coupons—but some didn’t get through.  Oprah’s site explains the servers were extremely busy yesterday, so that’s why you couldn’t get through.  If you tried and tried, and tried today—the offer ended at about midnight then too.  Participating stores means it’s a good idea to CALL AHEAD!

WHAT TO DO: Check this out- It’s got a tollfree hotline you can call and an email you can write into.  Here, express what happened to you, maybe they  can help you. Good luck– I’m rooting for ya.

Gotta run and shoot a promo for the 5pm news.  I’ll get to the deals by early afternoon. Cheers, Chicken D


2 Responses

  1. Hey Dion.
    I thought you’d like to know a good deal.
    Now through the 9th Kmart is doubling your coupons that are up to 2 dollars. So you could get up to 4 dollars off a single product!

    • Hey Jennifer,

      Wow, the double coupons are back! That’s great news. When K-Mart was tripling coupons a few weeks ago, people went gaga over them. I wonder how the store is doing in the recession…

      Thanks again for reading and for the tip!

      D 🙂

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