Free $10 Gift Certificate to Teds! Free Flatbread Melt! (+ Dion’s Coupon Disorder)

Hi Everybody!  Before I get to my deals for the day forgot to tell you about my Target FIBER ONE excursion. I think I might have a coupon disorder.

My breakfast for the next 12,523,804 days.

My breakfast for the next 12,523,804 days.

Last week, I saw FiberOne cereals were on sale for about $2.30 at Target.  If I buy 4 of them, I get a $5 gift card.  I had printed out two 75-cent coupons, and two 1-dollar off coupons.  Do the math:

 $2.30 x 4= $9.20

Minus $3.50 in coupons= $5.70

Add the $5 giftcard for buying 4 items= 70-cents!


I got FOUR boxes of Fiber One cereal for 70-cents. Oh, but the madness doesn’t stop there.  On the back of the box, there’s a BOGO Fiber One yogurt coupon.  The yogurts were on sale for $1.88.  I had $1 off coupons.  Again, buy 4 yogurts, get $5 gift card.  Long story short, I ended up MAKING $5.24 cents, because my coupons totaled more than the cost of the yogurt. 

While I’m loving the deal, and I’m actually loving the cereal and yogurt…I have a sneaking suspicion, I’ll be eating this for the next few weeks. <Sigh.>


Apparently, DiGiorno is holding a promotion, so on May 18th, starting at 11am Central Time, you can sign up and get a coupon for a FREE Flatbread Melt! (I’ll remind everyone on that date so you don’t forget!)


I heart bison.

I heart bison.

I love this.  At Ted’s Montana Grill– 10 dollars off any two entrees!!!

 You can use it for lunch, like I did.  They offer a $12 “Real Deal” menu (appetizer + burger or salmon or entrée salad) and a drink.  I use the coupon, get carry-out, and two delicious restaurant meals is about $15 with tax.  That’s less than value meals at BK!



PS:  I’m gonna try and sneak out early…it’s my birthday!  Time for birthday sushi! 🙂


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  1. Happy Birthday!!! I just celebrated my 50th a couple of weeks ago.

    • Hi Melissa– thanks, and congrats on the big 5-0! Cheers, D 🙂

  2. Happy B-day – mine is in a few days. Where do you like to go for Sushi – always looking for good sushi stops! 🙂

    • Hey Michelle– Thanks! Mmm I love sushi too. Being from the East Coast, we had plenty of great sushi joints around. Have you been to sushi house? It’s in Leawood– pretty solid, very fresh. They’ve got an extensive lunch specials list, which is always a pretty good value. Let me know where else is good!

  3. I like sushi house – but my favorite is Kyoto at 135th/Metcalf – near Hen House. They have a happy hour at the sushi bar – which would appeal to your sense of a good deal! Everything is very fresh!

    • I’ve passed by there a million times, but never tried it. I’ll check it out for sure.

      Last year, part of my birthday present was going to Nobu in Las Vegas, and THAT was excellent sushi. (I won’t lie…you’ll pay for it. The total for our entire party was close to 1-thousand bucks. NOT a good deal…but I suppose using all those coupons makes up for it 😉

  4. have a great day!!!!

    • Thanks, Tausha! You too!

      – Dion

      PS: Get outside if you can– 83 degrees and sunny, that’s my kinda day. 🙂

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