Freebie Friday Post #2: The Popcorn (But Real Quick- Any Ladies Have Bumpits?)

 Hey Everybody!
Thanks to a superviewer who sent me this anonymous tip:
Get free popcorn, shipped straight to your door, thanks to Yahoo.
Go to the page, and in a little box on the right hand side, you’ll see the offer.  Takes 15 seconds to fill out the info, so why not?
On another note…
Is this the solution to my flat hair?

Is this the solution to my flat hair?

I’m just curious to see if anyone had this As-Seen-On-TV product. My hair is getting flatter and flatter as the humidity rises…and it seems like a brilliant concept! What do you think? Comment and let me know.

Off to the weekend!

D 🙂

PS: I’m taking a cheese making class this weekend as part of my birthday present.  Goat farm, here I come!


5 Responses

  1. Hi Dion! I love your Daily Deals!!! I do have bumpits!! I had to get something because my hair is so thick and when I would anchor/report at my college news station, my hair looked as flat as a pancake!! They do work! Since my hair is so thick, it does hide the bump-it well! You should try it! I bought mine off of ebay.. way cheaper! Good Luck!

    • Hi Lindsay!

      You probably can’t tell when I’m on-air, but my hair is so big and thick and takes a hairdryer, straightener, serums and thinning to get it to look normal…and by then, it’s flat! My biggest fear is it falling out in the middle of a show.

      ME: “Today, President Obama signed…oh whoops, there goes my Bumpit”!

      Thanks for the tip, I’m going get a set and try them out. Pictures to come!


      • Hi Dion!

        Mine is the same way! It takes an army to straighten my hair, especially in the summer, and since I am from Mississippi, my mom always told me to tease my hair to high heavens since it was so flat on top! I would recommend that you tease your hair and then place the bumpit in and then spray away and shake your head around to make sure that it is not loose. Mine has never fallen out and no one can tell that I have it in. I use the medium one because the “hollywood” one is way too big and you can definitely see it through your hair!

  2. My daughter has Bumpits. I’ve helped her put them in and they are great! Once you figure out how to back comb your hair a lot, place the correct size Bumpit on your head and then lay the hair over it, spray with a lot of hairspray and then lay a smooth combed light layer over that and spray again. Let me know how it works!

    Love your daily deals, too!

    • Good Morning Kathi,

      Thanks for checking out my blog–

      Your suggestion couldn’t have come at a better time! I just bought the Bumpits at Sally’s Beauty Supply (and whoever invented these must be rich by now) and can’t seem to get my hair to stay in them. I’ve got plenty of hairspray though (all of us on-air ladies do!) so I’ll try backcombing tonight.

      Cross your fingers a big Bumpit doesn’t fall out while I’m on-air!


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