The Answer: “One Per Purchase Is NOT The Same As Transaction”

Good Morning Everybody!

A viewer once emailed asking me how I use several coupons on several different items when the coupon states “ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE”. 

Example: I have 12 coupons for free salad.  I get 12 bags of salad.

She wanted to know if I had to make seperate transactions, and how that was possible.  At the time, I didn’t know…but thanks to a woman called the “Krazy Coupon Lady” (more on her in a later post)– one per purchase means I can only use one coupon per item.  NOT transaction.  I could have a MILLION coupons and a MILLION items.  Basically I can’t combine two coupons on one item.  Don’t let any cashier make you make MULTIPLE TRANSACTIONS.

Hope this answers everyone’s question! 



One Response

  1. Good point, Dion! I like to keep with my coupons an expired coupon such as Ensure or Zone Perfect Bars. Those coupons actually contain the language of “one coupon per transaction.” Makes it easier for the cashier to see the difference!

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