*Important*– A Letter To All Of You

Good Morning Everybody—

After a fantastic 4th of July in Vegas with a big bunch of friends—I came home to find problems with the Old Navy $1 t-shirt deal posted last week.  Problems with  angry viewers (and I mean ANGRY) who weren’t able to redeem the offer at their local Old Navy because they weren’t participating.

This had my stomach in knots for a few hours.

To address the problem— here’s the scoop on what happened.  Old Navy’s been having blowout deals like $2 tank tops and $1 flip flops.  I called to confirm these offers, and a sales associate (I think a manager would have been better) told me they’re nationwide.  The offer didn’t specify any stores not participating.

This brings me to a new decision, the disclaimer of “call your location first to check for participation” needs to be added to ALL posts, not just every few, like I’ve been doing. 

To everyone who has had success with the dozens (if not hundreds) of deals I’ve been blogging about—thank you for your continued support.  To those who had a bad experience at Old Navy…my apologies.  Not going to let this (or the minority of angry viewers) get me down. I’m only human.

Like I always say, onward and upward.  Let’s get some new deals going!


PS:  I just got off the phone with the Old Navy public relations department.  Turns out, the woman I spoke with said the non-sale was a huge problem for several media outlets across the country who aired the deal— only to have it not exist! Not that it makes the situation any better– but really goes to show how easy it is to get wrong information.


6 Responses

  1. Wow! So sorry everyone gets so mad. Doesn’t everyone pretty much know it’s save at your own risk. I also went to Old Navy and they said it was not right- which I emailed you in hopes to remove the Old Navy for some others. But really- people should calm down. What about all the other savings we have all shared. 🙂

    • Hi Erin–
      Just emailed you directly– but wanted everyone to know how thankful I am for the constructive comment. I want my deals blog to be a place where the community can come and discuss deals that work, those who don’t.– and ultimately help everyone out.
      Cheers and Thanks,
      D 😉

  2. Dion,

    I can’t say this enough, and am sorry I didn’t say it sooner–THANK YOU for all the info, all the great offers!

    As a J-school grad I remind everyone that Dion is simply reporting information. It’s not her fault if some locations won’t honor the deal. You must learn to take the raw info and further verify it yourself…at your favorite location(s).

    Who is responsible for our lives? Ultimately we are. Each of us is responsible for our own lives. So don’t blame the messenger!

    WE all owe Dion lots of gratitude because
    a) she doesn’t have to do this
    b) she is a fantastic person
    c) where else can you find so many opportunities?

    Thank you again Dion!

    Steve Dzama

  3. Dion,
    I just want to thank you for all the deals you have brought my way–my co-workers have benefited from your blog, my family has benefited, my friends have benefited. I cant understand why people would be angry with you or the station. What a great service you have provided in these economic hard times. I applaud you and have become a dedicated channel 9 viewer because of you!! Love your work–keep it up. Mary

  4. I also want to THANK YOU for your daily deals. I’m a single mom and it really helps.

    I don’t understand why people need to get so upset about things like this. You’re offering an extra service and now people are *itching about it. STOP IT! I don’t want to see this service go away because of the unhappy people.

  5. Thanks for all the wonderful offers you have brought our way. As I sit here thinking of my 6 grandkids and all their new flip flops, the yummy KFC chicken, many many free dinners at TGI Fridays, our refreshing Fruiteas from Arbys and the icy root beer floats from Sonic (not to mention sooo many other deals) I want you to know what fun and savings you have brought to us already this summer.

    As for the haters… chill everyone… it’s a t-shirt not world peace.

    Thanks again!

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