Save $5 on $10 Or More Purchase @ Build-A-Bear Workshop!

Hah.  I remember when I was younger, a Build-a-Bear Workshop opened up at the mall in Connecticut, and my friend and I decided to play a practical joke on one of our other friends.  We went to the Build-A-Bear Workshop and recorded us screaming, and then placed the little voice recorder playback thingy into a bear, sewed it up, and gave it to our friend.  How horrifying to find a cute, plush bear, squeeze it, and it shrieks in horror! 

build a bear logo

Yeah, we had interesting ways to stay entertained.  But I digress.

Build-a-Bear’s got so many different stuffed animals your child can dress up and customize.  (My favorite is that you can put a small red heart into the bear and have it sewn in 🙂

This printable coupon may come in handy if you’re looking to take your child or their friend in for a cuddly toy!

Build a Bear(you’ll have to go to the website and print it out from there, not directly from my blog!)


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