HUGE Printable Coupon List: (Thanks Viewers!

I can’t say “thank you” enough to all the viewers out there who read Dion’s Daily Deal and pass along offers and coupons they see.

This post is dedicated to Lisa S. who contributed to these coupon tips:

Sally Beauty Supply $5 off $25 purchase:

Macy’s (All kinds of coupons) (although I know you already get Macy’s coupons in the mail, if you need extra, this is the place to print ’em out)

As always, make sure to read all the fine print for details on the coupon and it’s a good idea to call the store ahead of time to confirm the deal. (I feel like a broken record, always having to post this disclaimer…but it prevents a lot of issues.) (*This is especially for Rob, the disgruntled viewer who had problems with one coupon…but that’s another story.)


3 Responses

  1. NY & CO has EVERYTHING 50% off

    • Good call! Yes they do! Thanks Donelle 🙂

  2. At they are running their 80% off special. Just put SANTA in the discount code box.

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