THE MOST RANDOM DEAL EVER. This Is What You Get For $1 @

When my 7am producer, Troy showed me what he received from I didn’t know what to say.

Uh, this isn't like...staged or anything. Nope...

Uh, this isn't like...staged or anything. Nope...

Apparently, is known for selling ONE item a day, (or until it runs out) very, very cheap.  Occasionally they have something called…(for those who find the word “crap” offensive, my apologies) THE BIG BOX OF CRAP.

Where do we begin?
Where do we begin?

The box costs $1 (plus about 5 or 6 bucks shipping and handling). Included:

– Football shaped remote control

– two flashing lights

– an MP3 player

– bluetooth headset

– wireless mouse

digital camera (valued at about $70 by itself)

– two pencils

– camera

– 2 small SANSAS, 1 large SANSA

– 6 cordless phones

– 4 cordless phone bases

Troy seems to think the items are returned items, or maybe refurbished, and is checking them to see if they’re in working condition.  If they all work, it’s a great deal…you just never know…and I mean NEVER know what you’re going to get.  (*note, the “Big Box Of Crap” isn’t always available. You just gotta get lucky the day you check and it’s there.)



2 Responses

  1. Dion,

    I don’t know if Troy is interested but if any of the Sansas works and he wants to sell one cheap, I’m looking for one.


  2. Actually called the Bag of Crap. Still waiting on mine!

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