Dion’s Deal: Free Suave Deodorant (+No Free Ice Cream)

Check out this interesting site called Don’t Fret The Sweathttp://www.dontfretthesweat.com/coupons which is sponsored by HealthyChildren.org to help kids feel confident— and not feel self-conscience about their sweat issues.

If you scroll through the page– they’re offering up $3 off 2 deodorant/antiperspirants in lots of brands and varieties.

Look at all the scents…including the Wild Cheery and “Friends Forever” scent!

Print them out, and you can probably score a great deal on the items on sale.  Word at Deal Finding Chik’s blog: http://bit.ly/5LNM8H, the Suave kind is at DOLLAR GENERAL for $1.50 each.  (Use the coupon, get it for free!)

As always, check with their coupon policy first, and call ahead to make sure they’ve got supplies.  Enjoy!

PS:  I titled this post “+No Ice Cream”  because Haagen-Dazs is supposed to be giving out free scoops tomorrow at their shop locations…but go figure.  The one location in the metro I called said they weren’t participating. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the next one.


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