Dion’s Deal: Free Dr. Scholl’s Insole (Just One Though…)

While lounging at the pool over the weekend, I saw in my Shape magazine, a Dr. Scholl’s ad, featuring a FREE insole!  Yep.  Just stuck to the page.

I noticed, they featured an offer on Facebook, where you can just sign up and get a free insole for yourself.  Check it out: http://bit.ly/9sbGvw

Oh Stacy London. Your closet must be amazing.

Keep in mind, this is only ONE insole…but I figure if someone else in your household gets one, you can flip it over and use it in one pair?  Hah, sounds silly, but the company thinks you’ll like the ONE insole enough to buy two.

With my shoe collection…I may have to try this one. 

On this Memorial Day, my deepest gratitude to the men and women who served. Here’s my brother, Scott in his uniform, as he prepares for boot camp next month.

After my brother Scott lost his job last year because of layoffs at his company, he decided to fulfil his life-long dream of serving in the US Army.  After lots of hard choices and tears, I’m proud to say he’s leaving for boot camp in North Carolina next month.  I couldn’t be more proud.


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  1. Tell your brother we appreciate his service. Thank you Scott. -The Taylors

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