Dion’s Deal: FREE DiGiorno Pizza (+Dion’s Mayo Update)

Greetings Dear D3 Readers!

I’m about to head out the door soon, but a friend told me to check out the DiGiorno FACEBOOK page for a deal on a free pizza!  Check it out here: http://bit.ly/by0fnM

This morning we ran a story about a man on a pizza diet. I got all excited…then the guy in the story said he does it by eating only once slice, then exercising an hour afterwards. Uhhh what kind of diet is that? You could eat ANYTHING in moderation and then exercise an hour and lose right, no?

Basically add your photo to a bunch of funny-ish DiGiorno fan photos on Facebook, and get a coupon for a FREE pizza!  If you’re not much of an exhibitionist, you can also print out a $1 coupon at the site. 

PS:  Here’s the free Kraft Mayo I got in the mail.  (This was a blog post earlier last week.)  Companies always say it takes 6-8 weeks or something ridiculous, but these two mayo packets arrived in less than 2.  By the way…no coupon in the box…but nice nonetheless for those times the driver-thru person forgets to pop in condiments in my bag.


One Response

  1. I got my mayo samples yesterday in the mail. No coupon either. I also got my Ritz cracker in the mail on Monday and there was a coupon in it. Thanks for the deals Dion@@@

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