Dion’s Deal: FREE Panda Express Thai Cashew Chicken TOMORROW 7/14

Hi Everybody– wow.  The buzz around Channel 9 today is the live truck that caught fire and exploded. Apparently this happened yesterday when one of our engineers was driving back from the auto repair shop. (Driving BACK from the shop.)

…and I wondered why there was a blue tarp covering the truck this morning…

Anyway.  Everyone is safe– luckily the engineer got out of the vehicle about 2 minutes before it exploded.  Hey, getting to the deals now…check this out: http://bit.ly/9efXpM

Panda Express is introducing their new Thai Cashew Chicken Breast.  Click on the link I posted, print out the coupon, and score a free serving, no purchase necessary.  (Not sure if this includes rice…I’d call ahead to check and see if the location you’re going to accepts the coupon.)

During similar Panda Express promotions in the past, viewers have told me the serving size is relatively small. I’ve been reading those “Eat This Not That!” books, and sadly, American portion size is skewed tremendously.  The small portion just may be the recommended serving for 1 person. I found it interesting…and quite scary at how many servings of ice cream are in some of those giant sundaes at some restaurants…

Anyway, I digress. Enjoy and thanks to all my readers for making Dion’s Daily Deal a success.  Your support means everything. 🙂


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