Dion’s Deal: 10-Cent Pens + Don’t Forget About Target Coupons!

My friend Joanie from TheKrazyCouponLady.com (yes, which I own a fan club t-shirt from…I am such a nerd!) posted a deal about 10-cent Bic pens by using a Target coupon. 

Is it just me, or do pen jars at work get filled…and then mysteriously empty within a matter of days? Who has been stealing my highlighters!

This being said, check out the coupon here: http://bit.ly/cntmHn for $1 off 2 Bic pen packs.  (You can get the basic stick pens for about 60-cents a pack on sale.  Buy 2.) Check under the “school supplies” category for easy access.

While I was checking out these pens, the other coupons are great too. Like BOGO (buy-one-get-one) free Stride Gum packs. Or…$1 off Pillsbury Sweet Moments desserts. 

Remember, you can always use a manufacturer’s coupon in combination with these Target coupons for double the savings.  Surf around and enjoy!


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