Dion’s Deal: $5 For TWO Cold Stone Coupon

UPDATE:  Thanks to reader, Diane, this coupon may only indeed by good for Dallas locations only.  Good think she called ahead first to make sure the coupon works.  Thanks and good call Diane!

Cold Stone ice cream doesn’t even come in sizes “small”, “medium” and “large”. In fact, they call it “like it”, “love it”, “gotta have it”. (At least I believe that’s what I saw last time I was there a loooong time ago.)

Anyway, if you’re a fan of their ice cream mix-in creations (the store gets it’s name because of their toppings that get mixed into the ice cream on a COLD STONE.) you can get 2 like-it sized treats with one mix-in each for just $5.

Link here: http://bit.ly/c3OA8i . On a toasty Tuesday like today, ice cream would hit the spot. (Or really, any day this summer. Phew.)

BTW: Had to post this pic from yesterday:

I was out doing team coverage of the senior apartment complex fire in St. Joe, and we were having trouble getting a signal. So we could get video on-air…our photographer set up our Next Generation technology on the hood of the news car. (We live streamed pictures through the laptops.) Boy, it’s a lot of gear to assemble!



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