Dion’s Deal: Free ACHOOZ (huh?) Sample!

Who knew…Achooz are a brand of saline nose wipes! If those allergies are getting to your this summer, you can score 2 free Achooz brand wipes (one in regular, the other in menthol)

My fiance has allergies and sinus issues come spring and summer, and swears by a neti pot. Maybe I should get him some of these…which are a bit more convenient for those times we’re out and about…

Click on this link: http://bit.ly/9C6XPG and fill out the form with your name and address and all that good stuff.  Wait a few weeks, and you’ll have two nose wipeys to toss in your bag or put in your travel case. While supplies last.  Enjoy!

Was going to post this yesterday, but was out live all morning. This is inside the Sprint Center, an hour before the Paul McCartney concert! THE MOST INCREDIBLE SHOW....EVER.

Paul was an hour late.  He thought he was in Kansas.  All was forgiven though after he played his first song.  For a man approaching 70, his energy was through the roof.  The set list spanned from his early Beatles stuff to Wings and changed song without missing a beat. He sounds just like his albums, and it was so neat to see him change guitars and then play piano, then pick up a ukulele to pay tribute to George. (He played the uke.)  I’ll post more pics later this week!


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