Dion’s Deal: Free Noodles & Company AUGUST 5th (By Donating 3 Canned Items!)

Greetings D3-ers!  Sorry for the delay in posting.  I’ve been off a few days, and my mother…all the way in CT emailed today asking “Where are your DEALS?” Oh mommy, I’m here.

Mmm. My favorite is their pad thai or Japanese pan noodles.

Anyway, I got this next deal from a viewer email and from signing up for their mailing list.  Noodles and Company is teaming up with Harvesters for a promotion called “Give A Little Get a LOT”! 

Basically, bring in 3 canned non-perishable food items to participating Noodles and Company locations and you can get FREE noodles, soup, salad, or a TRIO of all three. 

Here’s a link to details: http://bit.ly/ajD0Uw Call ahead for details– enjoy!

Wow. Here is a terribly un-flattering photo of me and Justin Robinson, taken by our new web guru, Jeff Foster.

PS:  I have a very exciting announcement to make, probably tomorrow or Friday.  It has to do with my career…and why Justin is making that crying face!  Ack, I’ve been trying to keep mum about it for so long…stay tuned.

PPS:  I’m holding a Larry Moore pepper…fresh from his garden.  I’m waiting for his tomatoes though…but maybe I missed the last batch.

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