Hi Everybody,

Dion Lim here. Weekday morning anchor and reporter KMBC, the ABC affiliate in Kansas City.

Toys for Tots and giving to charity-- always a great deal.

Toys for Tots and giving to charity-- always a great deal.

My friends call me the “hustler”– not because I sell drugs, or peddle fake Rolexes in my trench coat. It’s because I’m good at being savvy and saving money and making money. (Hey, I paid for part of my college education by selling on eBay. Folks at my school thought I was rich. Pffffft.)

Plus, with the economy the way it is, people with a lot of money are realizing it’s “hip to save”. Let the deals, commence!

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  1. Hi there! You should check out thetopsecret.com. They have online sample sales with really good prices. This week is Andrew Marc, coats at up to 65% off what are are right now in stores. Theyve also had sales on Gucci, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs! Happy shopping 🙂

  2. Hi there! You should check out this site- The Top Secret (.com) They have really good deals- Andrew Marc sale this week thats 65% off what coats cost in stores right now! and they have had a bunch of great sunglasses sales.

  3. Dion, free tomato seeds from Campbell’s Soup at HELPGROWYOURSOUP.com (Larry Moore would love this!) or you can GOOGLE Campbell’s Soup free tomato seeds. All you have to do is enter two codes from the bottom of a can of Campbell’s soup. I found the code did not work from the bottom one of the Campbell’s Soup at Hands; rather you need a regular “tin” can of soup. My name probably won’t be used, but if it is, please use first name only…that is fine. Thanks…I check your blog every day to see what I can find!


    • Hi Susan,
      Good one! I’ll have to check it out after the show. I just got a can of Campbell’s Soup for 25-cents yesterday…tomato soup! Another thing Larry would be proud of. Thanks for reading Susan!

  4. Guess I don’t do things right – must be my lack of computer skills. I click on your links and get blank pages…. I try to type in your websites you list and get the message, website not found.. Walmart link – finally – I made it thru, clicked on free samples and NOTHING! It just stared back at me with no indication of how to actually GET the free samples. You sight only raises my blood pressure. Will continue to find things on my own — YOU ARE NO HELP!!!

  5. Carino’s Italian Restaurant :Mom Eat free!!!! Valid May 4-8
    Mom free meal is valid with the purchase of an entree at regular price…

    • Good one Elizabeth! Thanks for reading my blog and passing on this great deal!

  6. The Legend at Village West Coupon card: pick up every month at Nebraska furniture by cash register there different great discount Example May 2009 Card
    Culver’s Buy one concrete or shake receive one of equal o lesser value,Carter’s $10 off your next purchase of $50 or more,Auntie Annie’s buy any 2 sticks or dogs and receive one free, Ihop 15%off your entire purchase and more….

    • Also a good one! I live down South, so it’s good to get some feedback and deals from the North. 🙂

      • Did you do a story on how to become debt free in a year last evening? I would really like to read that info..


      • Hi BCat,

        Yes I did– Monday night. I’ll email you a link to the story on our website, KMBC.com. Thanks for reading my blog!


  7. I’ve been seeing a lot of BOGO signs atfast food restaurants. This morning I saw “After 4 PM buy one thickburger get one free” at Hardee’s on 151st & 69 highway.

    • That’s awesome– I’m going to put this in my next blog post! Cheers, D

      • Dion:
        I am a huge fan of your website and almost always find something there I can use.

        Here is a deal I have found: In the Toys R Us ad this week they have Hasbro games (the younger kids games like Candy Land, etc) for $3.99. Each game has a mail in rebate for $2. That makes the games $1.99 each. To top that off, if you buy $25 in games you get a $10 gift card. In the end, you can get seven games for $4.

        I’m planning on cashing in on that as well as working toward a total of $75 in purchases for another $10 gift card.

        I will be buying Modern Warfare for $55 and will be getting a $20 gift card.

        That is $40 in gift cards, one Xbox game, seven children’s board games for a total of $60.

        One last thing….. one of your famous coupon Mom’s needs to give a class. I see women at stores with their extensive coupon books and need help figuring out the system. I am a visual learner and just can’t seem to catch on when I read about how to do it.


  8. Dion,

    Just wanted to thank you for your website–just in the last three weeks–you have saved me a tremendous amount of money. I used to “news surf”–but because of you I will strictly watch channel 9 now!!! Keep those deals coming–I have sent a link to your blog to everyone in my address book. I am a single mom with no child support and couponing and deal seeking is a part time job for me–one that I can do with my daughter and not be away from her. So Bless you and again, Thank You!!!!!! Mary Sanders

    • Mary, you’re the best– thank you so much! It sounds cheesy, but I think couponing brings people together! It’s a great conversation starter with people at the supermarket…it’s a good way to bond with friends, and it’s fun! If you need to use them, or not, it’s fun and kind of like a project and game for me. Keep me posted on your success! –Dion 😉

  9. Dion-

    CVS.com has a coupon to Save 3.00 on any purchase of 15.00 or more with your extracare card. Expires 5/25/09. In Store Coupon Only. Have a great Memorial weekend.


    • WOW! That’s a valuable coupon– especially when you combine other coupons at CVS with ExtraCare Bucks.

      Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

      -Dion 🙂

  10. great job 1st time I ever did this

  11. Sign up on the beauty brands mailing list. They just sent me a coupon for a free American Crew shave cream or OPI Avojuice Body Splash. No purchase necessary.

    Also K-mart is offering double coupons this week up to $2. I just bought Bounce dryer sheets for $0.19 and Secret deodrant for $0.49. SWEET!

    Have a great day..

    • Hey Maria,

      Good ones! I just got my $5 coupon for Beauty Brands the other day. I’ll have to post about KMart today too.


      Dion 🙂

  12. How do you get rid of the banner (another advertisement) down the right side of the coupons? I am trying to get the Border’s free coffee today, and I won’t be able to get a complete coupon if I print as is. Thanks for any help you can give.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      I hate banner ads! I didn’t see one on my internet browser, but try the address directly again, maybe from another computer, or even at another time: http://www.bordersmedia.com/coup/erewardssbc0612.asp Good luck!

      –Dion 🙂

  13. I just wanted to comment that I really love your blog… and I really wish your station would promote your on-air deal segments more, or give you more time for them. It’s sooo needed these days and you always have interesting info you’ve researched and followed through to test before directing us to sign up. I appreciate all that effort.

    PS. I saw you last weekend @ the Dragon Boat Festival &, my god, you are pretty! I mean, I know tv personalities are attractive typically. But really… it turns out you’re prettier in real life than on tv. 🙂

    • Alisha,

      Girl– you are too kind, thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the deals. I always say you can be a millionaire, or someone who just got laid off. Finding deals and redeeming them is fun, and makes you a smarter person!

      Thanks again for checking out the blog, and I’m glad you had a chance to see the Dragon Boat festival. It was my first time emceeing the event, and the performers were all so good. It means a lot to me, being able to use my public profile to bring awareness of events like this.



  14. Hey Dion,
    I LOVE this blog! I’ve told so many friends about it who now follow you, too. Keep up the good work!

    One of my favorite sales is here — the Beauty Brands’ Shampoo Litre Sale, all litre’s are $11.98 (used to be $9.99, but with the economy…) Still, I go through two of these a year, so it’s easy to stock up on great shampoo one time and never buy it again for a whole year! Sometimes the conditioners are on sale at the same time, too. Yea!

  15. Hiya! I just found you & this site by accident & I am SO happy I did! Such fabulous deals – I’m a “hustler” like you
    are – in fact, no one will buy anything now without having me research it : )

    I was wondering how I can get an invite to http://www.thetopsecret.com?


  16. Hi Dion,
    Really nice to met you the other day, my daughter really excited to get her pics taken with you 🙂

    We really love the info and the coupons from your website
    Thanks a lot,


  17. Ever wonder where you get those little promo code for online stores? I just google the store name followed by coupons. Most of the time you will find coupons or free shipping offers.

    Techie Challenge: Find $100 off coupon for netfirms web hosting. The hosting plan is $120 for one year, with the coupon you only pay $20.

    I used this coupon often for my web design clients. When it’s time to renew the hosting service I can usually find a 25% coupon off the hosting price saving $30 on the second year.

  18. Hey Dion

    Love this site its’ wonderful, love the samples as well as coupons. Keep up the wonderful deals, also see a nice ring if you need help planning a wedding hope I can help. Good Luck & thanks for the deals keep them coming.

  19. D,

    Where is a link to the Kale Chip and dips?


  20. On March 19th on the 5pm news, you showed a website that a mom checks through email and gets money for it. What is the site she uses? Thanks.

    • Hi Mindy! You’re not alone– thanks for the message. We had a lot of hard news on Friday when the story was supposed to air, so we ran it once in the 7am, which is why you missed it 5-7am. Here’s a link to the video online: http://www.kmbc.com/video/22907646/index.html Hope this helps! Dion

  21. Hi Dion-Love love love the great deals you give us. I just got an iPhone and wanted the ap for coupons. Can you give me the name of the iPhone ap for coupons again?

  22. Hi Dion,
    This is a great freebie that is mailed right to your mailbox. Kotex has a new line of products called “U” by Kotex that includes compact tampons, new and improved pads and liners. All you have to do is go to the website listed above http://ubykotex.com and click on the tab at the top that says “get free samples” and fill in your info. That’s it; you will then receive 2 tampons, 1 pad and 1 liner in the mail. In addition, there is a link that allows you to “share” the offer with 3 friends….a win/win! Hope this is helpful! Thanks for all you do! Kelli

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