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Dion’s Last Deal: Farewell KMBC + KC
August 5, 2010

Oh boy, I’m not very good at the long, drawn out goodbyes…so I’ll try and make this painless.

After 3 wonderful years here at Channel 9, Friday, August 6th will be my last day. It’s a proud feeling to have worked with some of the most talented, respected people in the business. KMBC has brought me so much happiness and fulfillment, but it’s time to move onward and upward.

I’ve accepted an exciting opportunity to anchor the 4pm and 5:30pm weekday newscasts at the Belo station in Charlotte, NC. (2011 DMA #23). I’ll also be filling in on the 6pm and 11pm newscasts and report.

My deepest thanks go out to everyone for welcoming me into your homes and into your lives. Thank you for sharing what’s important to you with me, and for letting me tell your story. There’s just too many people to mention and tag in this note, but know you have all impacted my life.

As I reflect on some of the most memorable stories/moments…please post the ones I may have missed!

–The senior citizen who was going to go to jail for not painting her garage.

–The man who had his miniature horse taken away from him.

— Battling hundreds of raging brides at Boston’s Running of the Bride’s event at Filene’s Basement (and, alas…finding out a photographer for the Boston Herald had snapped some photos of me, half nekkid, on top of a pile of gowns, and published it!)

— All those stories with the now famous (now bestselling author) Coupon Mom, Chrissy

— Wearing the blond Hannah Montana wig as hundreds of tween girls shrieked outside the Sprint Center (Oh my how you’ve changed, Miley.)

— Gadget Girl’s tips and learning about her Melissa Ethridge obsession
–Lunching with the core news gals (you know who you are!)

— Flying in an F-16 at 9G’s…and then throwing up all over my boots

— The healthy kids lunches with Diane (her cupcakes are the BEST)
–Three seasons with WAKA kickball (and my kicking hasn’t gotten any better)

— The AABAKC & Asian American community events

— Emceeing the Mark Tehan fundraiser @ Union Station
–Being named Best Morning News Anchor by Pitch Magazine

— Looking up everyone’s incorrect profile information on Spokeo

— Of course…all those Dion’s Daily Deals

Again, I don’t have enough room to list you all, but no matter where my travels take me, there will always be a part of the Midwest (and all who live in it) in my heart. (Wow, I’m like a big block of melting cheesiness…but I can’t help it. It’s true.) Cheers and see you on TV. (Find me on Facebook:  Dion Lim KMBC …I suppose soon it’ll be Dion Lim WCNC)


Dion’s Deal: Free Noodles & Company AUGUST 5th (By Donating 3 Canned Items!)
August 4, 2010

Greetings D3-ers!  Sorry for the delay in posting.  I’ve been off a few days, and my mother…all the way in CT emailed today asking “Where are your DEALS?” Oh mommy, I’m here.

Mmm. My favorite is their pad thai or Japanese pan noodles.

Anyway, I got this next deal from a viewer email and from signing up for their mailing list.  Noodles and Company is teaming up with Harvesters for a promotion called “Give A Little Get a LOT”! 

Basically, bring in 3 canned non-perishable food items to participating Noodles and Company locations and you can get FREE noodles, soup, salad, or a TRIO of all three. 

Here’s a link to details: Call ahead for details– enjoy!

Wow. Here is a terribly un-flattering photo of me and Justin Robinson, taken by our new web guru, Jeff Foster.

PS:  I have a very exciting announcement to make, probably tomorrow or Friday.  It has to do with my career…and why Justin is making that crying face!  Ack, I’ve been trying to keep mum about it for so long…stay tuned.

PPS:  I’m holding a Larry Moore pepper…fresh from his garden.  I’m waiting for his tomatoes though…but maybe I missed the last batch.