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Bad Economy= Potentially Good For Shoppers + Political Promos
September 30, 2008

First off:  Thanks to DDD reader Britany who writes in about The Top Secret.

“The Top Secret (.com) They have really good deals- Andrew Marc sale this week that’s 65% off what coats cost in stores right now! and they have had a bunch of great sunglasses sales.”

Now, I’ve blogged about The Top Secret before, but Britany reminds me why I should update the post with this advice: SHOP EARLY! As soon as you receive The Top Secret newsletter in your inbox (at odd hours, maybe 10:13am, or 2:03pm…whenever the sale happens to start) GO TO THE SITE IMMEDIATELY!  Avoid your employer…appear busy…do whatever you need to do. Because I was a few hours late for the Cole Haan shoes and accessories sale (where they had some of my favorite Nike heels at 70-percent off) and everything…or almost everything was sold out.

(WARNING: Do not use Dion Lim as an excuse if you’re caught shopping on the job!)


Neiman Marcus beer caddy, anyone?

Neiman Marcus beer caddy, anyone?

Speaking about shopping…have you noticed retailers are offering free shipping and deeper discounts this year, as opposed to last?   For example, the New York Time wrote about Neiman Marcus not doing so hot this year with the bad economy. (What!? People are less inclined to buy a private jet or rent a Caribbean Island while the government is in the process of passing a 700-billion dollar bailout? SHOCKER!) While banks are failing, and loans are dying…if you want to buy some jeans, or a new coffee maker (not just a diamond-encrusted one at Neiman Marcus)…now might not be a bad time.

That and real quick: I purchased a political t-shirt yesterday on a politicans website(as a journalist, do you like how cryptic I’m being?) and after searching the blogs (Google blogs) and I was able to find a 15% off coupon- which saved me shipping and a little off the price of the shirt.

Who knew even political stores and donations could have promotional codes. Maybe I should total up my annual online savings and put it into a CD at the end of the year.


PS: I forgot my Blackberry at home today for the first time in my life.  Like I told Lisa Teachman this morning… “..I feel like I’m missing an arm.  My Berry, completes me.” (Wow, either this is a sign of how connected my generation is…or there’s just something wrong with me.)

PPS: I discovered this recently…and my mouth dropped open.  Apparently, eating Chipotle burritos four times a week (not that I do this often…) is not the best food option.  More about this tomorrow.

Woot! Woot! + My Melamine-Tainted Koala Cookies
September 26, 2008

This is how I feel on Fridays

This is how I feel on Fridays

“Troy, is this a site about owls?  Or something inappropriate I can’t pull up at work?”

That was my trusty rusty producer a few months ago, wanting me to go to a website called WOOT. Little did I know, it was a site for OUTRAGEOUS deals.  Sometimes they’re kinda kooky too– so for all we know, they might sell an owl sometime.

How it works: Woot sells only ONE ITEM per day, or until it sells out.  The deals are awesome, like yesterday, I almost bought a $149 espresso machine. (I thought it was actually, kinda pricey– until I saw the same one being sold on Amazon for $399.

80 of these Playstation 3's were sold in 4 minutes!

80 of these Playstation 3

Then I starting thinking about my inner profit machine. But I digress.)

I once found a real owl on my windowsil. I took it as a sign to fly away.

I once found a real owl on my windowsil. I took it as a sign to fly away.

The catch:  Don’t expect great customer service…or customer service at all!  If you have a problem with the item, the site recommends you send it back to the manufacturer, or contact them.  (What if the manufacturer is in Uraguay? How long will you be on the phone, getting through there? Long-distance fees?  Helllloo?)

They also sell mystery bags too, which I think is kind of neat.  Troy just bought one yesterday– and has no idea what’s inside, but it could be wonderful!  Or it could be a toilet-bowl plunger, or a case of unwaxed dental floss.





We just read a story on the chemical that’s causing the sickness, melamine…being found in these cookies I used to eat by the BOATLOAD! These cute little koala shaped cookies, sold in Asian grocery stores, full of creamy chocolate-like product.  IS THAT ITCHING IN MY NECK REALLY FROM SUNBURN, OR IS THE MELAMINE ABSORBING INTO MY BODY!?!?
All joking aside– how scary.  Melamine, apparently is the substance used the make children’s plates.  (The kinda plasticky ones.) I used to laugh at my mom and dad (who live in Shanghai) warning me about Chinese products.  Can’t lump ’em all into the “tainted” category.  But after this cookies story- I think I’m going to stick to USA made Oreos. 

Cute and cuddly on the outside...full of mysteries and danger inside!

Cute and cuddly on the outside...full of mysteries and danger inside!

Have a great weekend everybody!  (As for me, I’m excited for a weekend of flag football up north, apple picking, and taking my dog, Georgie to the dog park. I love the fall season.)
– Dion

David Blaine- Losing the Magic Touch? + $8 Glasses
September 25, 2008

Do you think I need some hand moisturizers?

Do you think I need some hand moisturizers?

Once, in a time, long, long ago– magic was pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  Now it seems, magic is suspending yourself in the air, upside down, to promise a “Dive of Death”– in front of thousands of adoring fans.

This is what “Illusionist” David Blaine promised last night.  Since I don’t seem to sleep very much, stayed up to watch part of the end, where he’s supposed to dive from 4.5 stories in the air.  Only to be disappointed he bungeed himself up and shot back into the air. 

How anticlimactic!

Friends in New York who checked out his stunt said he was taking about 3-breaks every hour and standing back upright.  David said he didn’t want to urinate on himself, which is why he did it.  But honestly, I feel decieved.  He wasn’t upside down for 60 hours…nor did he dive to (his) death.


That and a shout out to DDD reader Mark, who sent this tip on DIRT CHEAP PRESCRIPTION GLASSES:

Is this for real?  They look legit...

Is this for real? They look legit...

“You just have to have your prescription from your doctor and your good to go. Complete glasses with shipping, anti-glare and scratch proof coating will only set you back anywhere from $25 to $50…no kidding, with money left over to buy toilet paper. Surprisingly they are great quality, just as good as other glasses I have bought that cost a couple hundred of dollars or more. “

So far, I’ve skimmed the site and it’s exciting.

 Mark says they stack up to expensive brands– but I’ll order some when I get a chance, and let you all know.  Maybe even do a story on them!

Gotta run-


Much Ado About the Updo + On The Hunt For Palin’s Glasses
September 24, 2008


"Hm, where IS that book on crocheting..."

For the longest time, I thought the updo was strictly designated to librarians. (Sorry librarians– I mean the stereotypical kind with the glasses and long ruler. Or is that a teacher nun? School marm?)

I digress.

Turns out the touseled look on Sarah Palin– created quite a stir.  A fashion magazine blog even included instructions on how to re-create the look. (somewhat messy bun) (fun and flirty…fun and flirty!?) People are calling her the next Jackie Kennedy? (Uh…I don’t know about that…)

*I should stress: no matter if you’re a dem or a republican, there’s no denying the popularity of this political style phenomenon*

But this leads me to the news story I did for this morning, and the one that’s airing tonight.

When Sarah Palin was named McCain’s running mate– something strange happened at Romanelli Optix is Kansas City.  The calls started flooding in.

“I’ve been looking all over for the Palin glasses!” (seemed to be the sentence, uttered by women on the phone and in-store. One came Columbia just to get some. Columbia, the city, not country. But still.)

Rimless, titanium specs by Kazuo Kawasaki.  Just a few stores in the Metro sell them. Now they’re on a two month waiting list! I wasn’t able to include this in my story about them this morning– but the frames cost about $370, but add some lenses, special coatings, fees…one woman said she paid about $1000 for hers! 

To futher exacerbate things– blogs are now offering ways to get the Palin knock-off look for less.  Some are saying the glasses aren’t even real– just fake lenses…and one of my darling producers asked me “did she pay for them herself”?

There are folks who don’t think this is news…that the stories should all be about politics, and her political stance on the issues.  However, we fail to remember, if she’s having this strong of an impact on women’s fashions…with the manufacturer selling 9-thousand of the frames in 10 days of her VP candidacy…it’s definitely news.

The funniest thing about this story…it’s said, Kawasaki, the man behind the glasses says he’s thankful for what she’s done to his company…but is an Obama fan.

Until next time,


What my own glasses kind of look like. Not cool?

What my own glasses kind of look like. Not cool?

‘Fessing Up
September 22, 2008

“Would you like to donate a Dollar to the Jimmy Fund?”

When the cashier at a local retail shop asked my friend this question– she said “sure”.  In the midst of it, the cashier forgot to ring up a hat she was purchasing.

My friend realized this in the parking lot, turned around, and went inside to pay for the hat.

Now, my other friends said she should have taken the hat and run like a madwoman– since it was technically the cashier’s fault for not ringing up the hat.

What do you think?  Would you confess if the cashier forgot to ring something up?


PS: Quick shout-out to DDD reader Jen who emailed me a neat link: which offers the same kinds of insider deals like Ru La La (which I blogged about last week), except no invitation needed.  Love how accessible and un-snooty that is!