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Freebie Friday’s Coming Up!
April 30, 2009

Just finished shooting promo…writing a big story for Monday’s 10pm show…want to remind everyone, tomorrow’s FREEBIE FRIDAY, and it’s almost all about FOOD!

Gotta run, D 😉

31-Cent Baskin Robbins: TODAY ONLY!
April 29, 2009

Real quick– go to the Baskin Robbin’s location near you today between 5pm-10pm for 31-cent ice cream cones! This is part of a fundraising event for firefighters. Call your location to check and see if they’re participating, and GO!

Phew– gotta go. SLAMMED with stories and projects today. Be back soon!

$5 TGIFriday’s Meals, Free Apples + The National Inquirer?
April 27, 2009



Do I look like Vanna White?

Do I look like Vanna White?



While I will NOT go to Whole Foods to buy Tropicana OJ for $4.50, when I can get it at the Target using coupons for $1.75 or 75-cents…but I will go to the Whole Foods and get my free lunch bag!  Hope you guys got yours before the coupon expired on Sunday. Note to News Director:  See why I’d like a new Blackberry?  The picture quality on mine is not so good—and makes everyone look distorted!


 Anyway, it’s Monday, and kind of grey and wet outside.  Perfect if you’d like a RedBox rental for free! Check it: 4CW33N Just don’t be like me and forget to return your DVD.  You’ll get charged $1 per extra day.  I’ll admit it, me and library books don’t mix, because I read several at a time, and end up taking FOREVER.  Yesterday, the library computer checkout system referred to me as a “DELINQUENT” user!  Eep! J

How You Like Dem Apples?

Target’s got a new printable coupon for $1 off a pound of apples.  The apples are also on sale for 99-cents.  Do the math.  Get free apples!


That and TGIFridays, is not doing well in this economy.  We ran a story this morning about new $5 menu items.  My goodness, that’s like Subway’s $5 Footlongs…but sit-down, casual dining style!  Apparently in May, the chain’s offering sandwiches and salad for $5.  That’s CRAZY!  The steak sandwich is usually $12, so this is what, about a 60% discount?  The sandwich is the same, regular size too! 


PS:  No, the National Enquirer isn’t free, but get this.  Do you remember the story I did on The Metro’s Most Frugal Mom?  She’s the mom who eradicated $100k of debt in about 3 months by using Dave Ramsey’s plan?  Apparently, someone from the National Enquirer saw my story online and contacted her to do a story too.  WHO KNEW they were watching my stories online!?!? Gosh, I hope they don’t run her article next to one about baby-eating frogs from Argentina taking over Overland Park.  




I had a professor in college, Dr. Niwa who always kept copies of this newspaper in his office.  This is the same man who started up CNN Asia...or something prestigious like that.

I had a professor in college, Dr. Niwa who always kept copies of this newspaper in his office. This is the same man who started up CNN Asia...or something prestigious like that.






It’s Our First Freebie Friday! (Update!)
April 24, 2009

First up: big thanks to my friend Paul Versluis who shot my new Dion’s Daily Deal photo.  Being the clotheshorse that I am, wearing a bright, floral wrap dress makes me happy, and I think it shows!  My boss even complimented me on the photo.  (It’s all you Paul, the lighting’s perfect!)


Since FirstNews, I found a couple extra deals which I’m sharing with eveyone during the 5pm news tonight.  Here we go:

1. Pretzel Time is celebrating National Pretzel Day (who knew this even existed!?) on Sunday, the 26th.  Some stores are giving away free prezels, and after some digging, I found out, it’s only the Oak Park Mall stores.  (Sorry Zona Rosa-goers, this one’s for JoCo.) No coupon needed, but check it out:

2. Bath and Body Works is at it again!  The free lip product offer with any purchase is still out there, and here’s a new coupon to print out:

Anyone get the free Shopaholic book offer to work?  (I talk about it in the post below) My work computer isn’t letting me process it.

Okay, off for the weekend.  Thanks for all the great feedback on my blog.  I’m not really at 1-million hits to get that free Blackberry my boss promised…but I’m definitely having a record-setting week!  Cheers, Dion 🙂

The 1st Freebie Friday!
April 23, 2009

 My producer said to me on Monday “Hey, how would you like to do a new segment called Freebie Friday?”Since I like alliteration, I said to him “Terriffic, Troy!  Totally.”.  (and sounded like a MallRat) whole-foods-lunch-bag2 

Yesterday, Oprah had her show about Earth Day, (it was pretty shocking…apparently, I will produce my weight in TRASH in less than 30 days!  Yuck.) and of course, The Queen of Talk gives away something fabulous during her show.  While this isn’t a car, this eco-friendly lunch bag from Whole Foods is a nice freebie.  Just print out the coupon:


lunch bag: The bag isn’t exactly expensive, probably a buck, but still!  Free lunch bag!  Print out a couple!




Speaking of lunch—a few days ago, KFC delivered a bunch of their new grilled chicken to the station for us to try.  My boss goes “You don’t eat this kind of stuff, do you?” I laughed and said “I have a blessed Asian metabolism and can eat anything!”


Turns out the grilled chicken isn’t as bad for you nutritionally as the extra crispy fried stuff.  The grilled has about 4 to 9 grams per piece, depending on the cut. To promote their product (oh they’ll need promotions, because when I think KFC, what else do I think of?  FRIED.) stores will give away FREE pieces of chicken on the 27th. (I called the local KFC and they tell me ALL stores nationwide are participating)



My future sister-in-law gave me a copy of Confessions of a Shopaholic to read on the airplane from Boston back to Kansas City last fall.  Lo and behold, a few months later, it became a movie. If you saw the film, or just want to read the book, Random House is GIVING AWAY COPIES!  Just go to the website and check it out.  Supplies are limited, so if you don’t get one, L if they’re all gone by the time you get there, I’m sorry!




And on a totally unrelated note- Gillette is giving away 500 Fusion Razors everyday until May 16th.  Just register at their site. I hear the razors go fast, and the giveaway starts at 11am Central Time, so get on that DSL and get yourself one!


Not confirmed, but worth a try…I hear the first 1000 people to test “GILLETTE” to 56418 during a Yankees Game (huh?!) can get a free razor too!  These things are about 10 bucks, so might as well.  Granted Gillette wants to get you hooked on them and buy refills, but hey, this one’s free.


Enjoy!  Time to get out in the sun!