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July 30, 2008

After this last phone call to Company X, I spent a grand total of 2 hours of my life, dealing with customer service representatives, in, undoubtedly, several countries, trying to solve a problem with my computer…THAT NEVER GOT SOLVED!

I could write an entire epic on what transpired, but I’ll save you all the eyestrain.

The bare facts:

1. Computer malfunctions.

2. Computer is under warranty.

3. Am told to send computer back in box.

4. Computer is sent back in box.

5. Wait one week.

6. Learn an extra $300 is needed to fix computer.


*I have a warranty, remember?*

7. After grinding of the teeth.  Pulling out of the hair. Patiently (and sometime impatiently) waiting on the phone with “Leigh”- I’m told by another Company X rep, my warranty all along, covered IN HOUSE REPAIRS!

8. Commiserated with my new friend, the grumpy UPS man, about what just happened.

At least I made a friend in brown today.



70% off of Dining?
July 30, 2008

Just discovered a site: and it’s just that!

“Brad” gets deals from the web, and puts them all in one place.  This deal, I’ve got to try– a special promotion for $25 dining certificates at restaurants for just $3!? 

If anyone tries it, let me know– I’m going to check it out too.



Dion Goes To The Repo Auction
July 22, 2008

“This is a tanzinite ring!  It’s so valuable!  So stunning! Tanzanite is going to be extinct after 10 years, so this is a great value!”

The tanzanite ring the auctioneer held up was indeed stunning.

At a repossessed luxury items auction I attended over the weekend, there were a lot of stunning jewels, gaudy bronze statues, and signed artwork.

In charge– a man with a thick foreign accent, who suavely described all the items in great detail.  How high they were appraised for.  How cheap you could get them for.

The auction moved at lightening fast speeds.  In one minute, a 40-something carat diamond and sapphire necklace, appraised at 40-thousand-some-odd dollars, sold for less than 10-percent of it’s “value”.

But something seemed off.

Maybe it was the “auction workers”, clad in black t-shirts, who moved antique furniture and bronze lions from the front of the ballroom to the back to be paid for.  After all- these goons managed to drop a table and bang a wood-carved chair into a painting.

The “too-good-to-be-true” radar was bleeping at full speed.

At home, a quick search unearthed DOZENS of blog postings, complaining about this particular auctioneer. Complaining of fake Rolexes being auctioned off.  Accusations the auction company had their license to practice revoked in several states.  Even a posting about the auctioneer having to pay 25-thousand dollars in fines to the Canadian government for shady trading practices.

Now, who knows if this is true or not.

But thank goodness I didn’t bid on the supposed 13-thousand dollar gold Rolex!  Or that tiger painting! Bottom line folks?  Know what you’re bidding on. Inspect everything thoroughly.  Don’t get coerced into buying something on impulse. Even if it’s from a guy who sounds like the brother of Robin Leach.

Until next time,


Picking Up Change At The Drive-Thru. Socially Acceptable?
July 17, 2008


Yeah, I admit it. Every so often, the craving just hits.  After a long day, or when I’m tired- I find myself magnetically drawn to the Burger King drive through window, to order a burger.

This is how I keep so slim.

On a recent “Whopper Mission”- I noticed a rather spiffy looking car (possibly a Mercedes?) in front of me at the window. 

The person opened her door– reached down…and picked up change that had fallen from other customers! How much change can one harvest at the BK drive-thru?

 Growing up, I was mortified enough when my mother accidentally dropped a dime at the drive-thru window, and picked THAT up. Let alone going scaveging for change.

But on the other hand, maybe this is socially acceptable now. What do you think? How much money could you really make? Let me know.

Cheers Everybody,

D @ D3